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  1. yayyyyyy!!
  2. GENIUS!!! :nuts:

  3. Ok I need some help ladies...I purchased my first pair of CL's a few weeks ago. I ordered the Relika from Saks in a 39. I wear a 9 in pretty much everything, and the Saks website said they fit TTS. Well...they came in and theyre like a WHOLE size too small. I ordered a 40, but I need them for my wedding in a couple of weeks and it looks like they wont be off of backorder by then so I am thinking of cancelling the order and getting another style. I am looking at the Louboutin online store and I really like the Catenita 140 MM in the multicolor glitter. Does anybody own these? How is the fit? I am also looking at the Altadama and the Lady Peep. Need any advice ya'll can give me!!! Thanks!
  4. Hello ladies,

    I am debating purchasing a pair of Louboutin Anemone pumps, size 36.5 (have been authenticated!). I take size 37.5/7.5 in most shoes since I find an insole of 9.5 inches to be comfortable (Marciano, D&G, Miu Miu, etc). My foot is of normal width and in the past, I have found that I have had to go up a size in shoes with a pointed toe because I find my usual size to be too snug. From what I have read though, the Pigalle 120s do stretch a bit.

    So here is my question: if I am a regular 37.5, will the 36.5 in the Anemones fit me? I know it is recommended to go 1/2 size down for wide feet and a full size for narrow in the Pigalle 120 but my feet are neither narrow or wide. Thanks!

  5. you welcome :hugs:
  6. you may be able to go full size down it depends how you'd like it to fit . i have a average width feet and for me i need 1/2 size down and dont want to suffocate my toes :p I would give it a shot buying the 36.5 good luck! p.s the satin anemone doesnt stretch THAT much , its just the shoe it self run's big in terms of sizing ;)

  7. Hiya ! Which colour ( relika ) were you after ? pam has them in 40 int he tortoise shell , she usualy mails it out on the day of purchase and takes approx one week to arrive :biggrin:


    the cantenita glitter is GORGEOUS!there was a modelling pic , i think in the dallas boutique thread , one of the SA was wearing it :biggrin:
  8. Oh congrats Elisa you got some Biancas!! :yahoo:
    Mine should be here any day now :graucho:
  9. Hello Experts! Question about the MATER CLAUDES. I've read both that they run TTS - but also they run a half size larger.

    There's only one pair of camel MATER CLAUDES at the boutique but they're a size 36. However, most of my CL's (VP, Yo Yo's) run 36.5 or 37. Do you think they'll be too small?

  10. How did you size for your MBB's? Does that deliciously soft leather give or stretch much?

    Thank you!
  11. ^Bella, mine are 1/2 size down from my old VP size, since that was the only size available. I was very late to the game, but luckily they work out for me. Actually the length was a little long, but since I have extremely high arches, the middle bow was a little snug for me. But after wearing them around the house for a couple of hours, the leather stetched and fit me perfectly.
  12. Thank you Alice... I will look for TTS!
  13. they are TTS , they are preety much VP with shorter heel imo :smile: you could probably make it work , just need to stretch it :smile:
  14. Sizing advise for patent open clic please!

    U.S. size is 6.5, My feet are average width.

    Patent Biancas 36.5, Kid Bianca 36, Eel AD 37, Engin spike 37 probably should have gone with a 36.5, old NP 37.5, Mutli damas Griessimo 37 tight in the toe box with heel slippage.

    What size should I go with in open clic? And I have heard some girls say these are tight in the toe box. I had Rolandos in 37 and gave up on those because they made my toes go numb. :push: Any advise? Thanks so much!
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