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  1. On me the Titi runs large. Yes tight in the toe box but length wise it slips off if it's TTS, so I have to go a half size down. However, I've discovered for me personally not the best shoe since I have a wider foot.
  2. Hi ladies, there are so many posts regarding Lady Claude sizing but I'm still confused.
    I'm a true 38 in CLs, but have issues with really tight toe boxes, so went with a 38.5 in Gerissimos for example.

    Am I wrong to think the Lady Claude will fit like the Titi? I have the Titi in a 38 and they were pure torture the first time I wore them, with some sock stretching they are fine now.

    so I guess my question is do I go with a 38 or 38.5?

    thank you!!!
  3. Thanks immashoesaddict!
  4. Hi girls,

    So I bought a pair of Whipsnake VP's from a lovely seller on Bonanzle; however, they're slightly too big. They're a 39, and I generally take a 38.5 in almost every style... My studded VP's are a 38, so perhaps I went a whole size up on the VP's on accident! :sad:

    Anyways, I have heel grips and Killer Kushionz in the shoes and the right shoe still feels as if I will have heel slippage, as it's smaller than my left foot. Any tips? I've never had to really pad a shoe to make it fit! :rolleyes:
  5. Hello Lovely TPFers,

    I just purchased the Flannel Biancas in size 36 from mytheresa and I was wondering if they are going to be tight. I also purchase the Nude Biancas, which have arrived in a size 36 they fit perfectly. I guess my concern is if the Flannel material opposed to the Patent Leather would make a difference in sizing.

    Anyone that has the Grey Flannel Bianca, what size did you stick with?
    Thanks in advanced
  6. elisa, i don't have these but i have a pair in flannel and they seem to fit the same as leather or patent. hth.

    so there is a new season pair of ron rons in a 36.5 i'm looking at. i've not tried on ron rons before, but my new season simple size is 36.5. i'm thinking they will be too tight, but hopeful? i also wear a 37 in declics, 37 new season decolletes, 36.5 in old season new simple.

    i have narrowish feet but very long toes. my us size is typically 6.5, occasionally 7.
  7. Hello ladies!

    I'm in a bit of a quandry and wondering whether anyone can help...
    I've recently purchased a stunning pair of En Passant on the bay - advertised as a 39 but when they arrived they've turned out to be a 39.5 :cry: Whilst I'm waiting to hear from the seller to find out about a refund, I'm also on the hunt for a replacement. Bought these for a big function, then bought frock, purse, accessories etc all with these in mind....

    My TTS is a 39, so according to your sizing advice a 39 in En Passant 120 should fit. The 39.5 is clearly waaaaaay too big even for padding. Absolutely perfect on the width but I can get about 4 fingers down the gap at the heel. Pics to demonstrate attached (really bad work stockings + awkward angle for photography = fat ankles, whoops!)



    Chances of finding a 39 are remote and I only have 3 weeks now to find, order, buy and wait for the delivery of the right pair of shoes - uh oh! Wanted an ankle strap for security if a bit tipsy later in the evening, but also might have to walk a mile or so which means I don't want to be in horrible agony from an ill-fitting pair of shoes.

    Thing is, I've spotted a pair of En Passant 120 black patent in a 38.5 on the bay and I'm wondering whether I might be able to get away with them..... Any thoughts????

    If it helps - I'm a 38.5 in Pigalle 120, 39 in Pigalle 100, 39 in Ronnette, 39 in Espadrilles. Oh, and I have pretty wide feet...

  8. You're right. They look big on you. I'm not an En Passant expert ... but I think they fit like Pigalles? IMO the 38.5 might be fine since the 39.5 look like a whole size too big on you ... but please wait for an expert lady's opinion.
  9. Thanks Erin. I just got an email form mytheresa canceling my order. I am so sad :sad: Oh well... Hopefully Ill find it elsewhere for that same great price!

  10. DOUBLE HEEL GRIPP ;) hahha i did this to one of my VP . slap another heel grip ontop of your current one , i use Dr.Scholl suede heel gripp :smile:
  11. you welcome :smile:

  12. generally all biancas runs the same , keep in mind once broken in - stretching wise , each material stretches differently , satin & patent doesnt stretch as much as say kid leather ( not to the point your feet will swim in the shoe just enough so they'd be comfy ) . I think flannel wont give much, so 36 for flannel will be fine :smile:
  13. ron ron's is TTS , they might run big this season , i havent tried any new season ron ron but i would go TTS / your simples size. i just checked with the refrence threads , chelley belley and another tpfer suggested TTS new season sizing , 36.5 in your case :biggrin:

  14. hiya sweets!

    as per the first page :
    En Passant 120 1/2 size DOWN

    you actually needed 38.5 ;) 1/2 size down

    i hope you get the right pair :smile:
  15. Thank you very much indeed ladies! Fingers crossed because I just clicked that ol' buy it now button :biggrin:
    Now to get the cash back for the first pair..............!

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