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  1. Thank yous to Helen and Calisurf!
    I just preordered the 36 in both styles! Can't wait to get them! :smile:
  2. Hello, looking for a sizing opinion about the current season studded patent pigalles

    • My US size in non-CL brand shoes: 7.5 pretty much across the board in Tods, Cole Haan, Prada, Nine West. Have Manolos in both 7.5 and 8.
    • Width of feet: average, can be narrow.
    • What CL’s you already have (or have tried on) and what size they are: lady Bombay flat 37.5. Also, 2012 season Duggeclina bootie in wine suede fits perfectly in 37.5. Tried the shoes in question (studded pigalle in black patent 120) in 37.5 and it seems a little crowded in the toe box (toes are a bit curled instead of straight). Have tried on the 38, but it was ages ago, so can't really compare, as the 38s are sold.

    I'm nervous about purchasing the shoe in the 37.5 if the patent will always remain so structured in the toe box.

    My feet are roughly 9.5" long and 3.5" wide.
    Would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

    Thanks in advance, J.

    (edited to at that the black heels are 120mm
  3. After much thought, I have come to the follwoing conclusion regarding CL and other designers shoe sizing: No matter what size your feet are, the ONLY way to get a proper fit is to actually try them on. The beauty of these shoes is that they are, almost, hand made pieces of art that one wears on ones feet.....and I am rapidly becoming desirous of becoming a collector:drool:
  4. Very true. :smile:
  5. Hi everyone,

    I don't have the luxury of trying the shoes on as my local boutique does not bring in the pigalle 120! :sad:
    I'm ordering them online but it's only available in 35.5
    I wear the Filo 120 (which is slightly big for me) and Pigalle Plato in 36.
    Do you think I should order 35.5 size the pigalles are made bigger?
  6. If you are talking about pigalle 120, I think you will need a 35. I am 35 in Filo and 34 in pigalle 120mm, my feet is on the average-narrowish side. HTH :smile:
  7. I think you and I are similiar in sizing so 36 should work. I had a small gap trying on 36.5 where the toe-box was easier, but was difficult to walk in when I tried them on.

    Pigalles are gorgeous! Good luck!
  8. A boutique with no Pigalles:faint: I have the Pigalle Plato 120's in a 40 and they are tight. I'm planning on getting a pair of 120's in a 41. But as I have said before, the only real way to know is to try them on....
  9. That's really helpful! Thanks!
    I better put the online purchase on hold and try the heels when I travel to NYC in October.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that the pigalles 120 are in stock!
  10. Yeah I can't believe it when I heard it from the SA! It just sounds ridiculous!
    He went on to tell me that the reason was that the Pigalles 120 are too uncomfortable for most people.
    They do have the Pigalle 100 though but I prefer the iconic 120!

    The Pigalle Plato fits me like a glove at size 36 so I'm really worried about getting any size different from my usual.
  11. Lynn, I know what you mean about fitting like a glove. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having your feet embraced by Pigalles!!
  12. Thanks Helen! I unfortunately had to cancel my Saks order because I accidentally ordered the décolleté instead of Pigalle and I don't know what size I'd be in it. Now to continue my search for the iconic Pigalle....
  13. Yes! It's the most gorgeous design ever to grace my feet!
    I never knew that heels can transform how I look and feel! :biggrin:
  14. Let's keep this thread on track with sizing advice. Feel free to chat in our CL Chat thread. Thanks!
  15. I am looking at patent 100mm Pigalles. I have a pair of patent 85mm in size 35, which is a little short in length. I also have several leather Pigalles in size 35, which fits very well. Do you think it is ok to purchase a 35.5 in patent leather for the Pigalle 100mm? Thanks!
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