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  1. I tried buying from the boutique in France, Paris thru customer service in US, and they didn't sell them to me. I was hunting down the last pigalle fluo in pink in my size!
  2. Hello!
    I'm new to the purseforum. Here are a few of my sizing stats if it helps anyone!

    Some info that could help us help you:
    • Your US size in non-CL brand shoes (Nine West, Aldo etc.) I'm a 7
    • Width of feet (narrow, average, or wide) Average
    • What CL’s you already have (or have tried on) and what size they are: See Below:

    I also added my insole measurements from my collection (I also added them to the google spreadsheet that one of your brilliant members created: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqlqSd8AcnWtcmhFaDk4RHUyYXRtLU9BUDlEdVdKW Wc#gid=0)

    Altadama Eel skin 140 - 37.5 (91/2")
    Bianca Patent 140 - 36 (9 1/4")
    C'est Moi Suede Bootie - 38 (9 3/8")
    Décolleté 100 Ostrich - 38 (9 1/2")
    Discolilou 140 - 37 (9 1/2")
    Horatio Patent 120 - 37 (9 1/2")
    Lastoto Patent 100 - 38 (9 5/8") (insanely comfortable!)
    MORO Patent 140 - 37.5 (9 1/2)
    PassMule Patient Wedge 100 - 37.5 (9 1/2)
    Pass 100 Lace - 37 (9.5")
    Pik Pik Pik 120 - 38 (9 1/2")
    Scissor Girl 120 - 37.5 (9 1/2")
    Sigourney 100 - 37.5 (9 3/8")
    Sylvie Satin 100 - 37 (9 1/2)
    Yoyo Patent 100 - 37 (9/12")

    I have several other pairs, but I don't have their boxes or they were preowned and I can't remember their names, lol. I will post the measurements once I figure out what they are.

    I also just purchased a pair of Patent Pigalles 36.5 and when they arrive I will measure those and post if they fit :smile:

    Hope this helps someone else as much as I have been helped! xo
  3. Do you have any other louboutins by any chance?
    All I can say is that I am a true US6.5 and wear either a 36.5 or 37 in Jimmy Choos and Manolos.
    Fifis are on the wider side for louboutins so I wear a 36.5. Can go up to 37 in them, but I get heel slippage.
    My feet are regular width. Maybe slightly on the wider side.
    Therefore, a 37.5 for a Fifi might be too big for you.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Hi Ladies, how are you?

    I am looking to buy a pair of insectikas and was wondering if anyone can help me.
    I hear they are like decolletes, but since I dont own a pair I need some help here.

    I am a true US6.5.
    I have Biancas, VPs, Volpi, Yolandas at 36.5.
    I am a 37 in Simples and Pigalle 100s.
    36 in Lady Lynch and Pigalle 120s.

    Would a size 37.5 in Insectikas work???
    Any advice would be much appreciated!
    Thank you so much!!!

  5. oh im from the UK. I can order from the european site but the sizing confused me. but all is good now :smile:
  6. Oh, Ok, I missed that, sorry!
  7. I am a true 7 - CL TTS 37.5. I don't have the Insectica's, but I have the decollete's (38.5). Another poster (jh4200) has both and says the Insectica should size up a full size, but are softer than the dec's - so are more forgiving. Hope that helps...

  8. Thank you HelenOfTroy45!!

    That was helpful! Unfortunately I already purchased the shoes, let's just hope it fits well *fingers crossed*

    Thanks again, i really appreciate it :smile:
  9. Thank you so much Mrs_Canada:smooch:

    This really helps. I just might be able to work out a 37.5 Insectikas.

    Now I have to figure out whether I really really want them or not...Hmmm....

    I have been going back and forth for the past week. I really want them one second and the next second I'm questioning myself " Do I really need another black pair...??? Should I not ban myself from shoes all together and behave for a while...???"

    Ugh!!! Thank you so much!!!
  10. oranje, sorry I was not timely.
    I hope they work out for you!!!
    Sending good vibes out your way:heart:
  11. Random question, what is the lowest heel height for the pigalles?
  12. Afternoon ladies,

    I just purchased my first pair of CL's in a 37.5. In non-sock wearing shoes I'm usually a 7. They fit fine in the back and don't have the dreaded heel-gape (my pet peeve!!), but the toes are tight. These are new-to-me so they do have *some* wear already, but not much. I'm wondering if they will loosen up at the toe. (I hope!) I'm really afraid the 38 will be too big in the back...

    Thoughts? What can I expect?
  13. Hi everyone!

    I need advice on Suede New Declic 120s please?
    Supposedly they are TTS, but I am not sure if I am a TTS36.5 or 37.
    I am a true US6.5 and the following are what I have in CLs.

    Simple - 37
    Pigalle 100 - 37
    Elisa - 37
    Highness - 37
    Pigalle Plato 120 - 36.5 and 37
    VP - 36.5
    Yolanda - 36.5
    Bianca - 36.5
    Volpi - 36.5
    Lady Peep - 36.5
    Fifi - 36.5
    Pigalle 120 - 36

    Should I take a 36.5 for the New Declics 120 for they shall stretch being suede?
    Thank you for all your help!


  14. I have those flats :smile: In all flats I am a US 6 but usually a US 6.5 in non-CL heels (slightly wider feet makes me take half a size up).

    In the Balinodono flats, I got my "normal CL size" 36.5. (In CL heels I'm usually a 36.5-37 because my feet are a little wide but this doesn't matter much for flats sizing)

    But that is me and you seem to be TTS or smaller from your US size to CL. Whereas I am usually 1/2 size up in CL. So maybe a 37.5 or 37 would work for you (or if you're like me maybe a 38) Hope this helps!
  15. If the length fits dont worry coz they do give and stretch out. Maybe after 4-5 wears.
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