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  1. Are the new Candy Pumps (Ostrich) still running TTS? I'm not sure if I should get 6.5 (my vp size) or 7 (my No.P size)?!
    Thanks for any comments or input !!! :smile:
  2. Thanks for that imma!
    Yes I am going for a half size down. They should be coming in the mail very soon. :biggrin:
    Though I just spotted some light grey suede ones on Blue Fly and I want to get them too (even though my first pair hasn't even arrived yet) :graucho:
    Haven't bought from Bluefl y before.. I wonder if they are pretty good with international orders? hmm

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY , congrats :yahoo:. I've never ordered from bluefly personally but others have.Is it the grey flannel biancas that you saw ?

  4. No hun it's the light grey suede and they look gorgeous!:heart:
    ...Do you think light grey suede and elephant grey Declics are too similar? Please be honest :p
  5. Hi,
    Can someone give me their expert opinion on this please?
    I am a 39 in ron ron patent. They fit perfectly, some days a bit snug but they fit fine.
    Would a (old) Simple 100 pump in patent leather size 10 (only one available) be too big even with gel foot sole and heel grip?
    (yes, me mega desperate for that pair)
    I have galaxy pass in 39 and its a tad big, they are OK with heel grips.
    Diskoteka are 39.5 and are OK. I coulda gone for a 10.

    I measured my foot toe to heel and its 10 inches. the Simple pumps are 10 and 3/8

  6. if you have wider feet i think you could get away with it (especially if those are new season ron rons, which ran larger). i wear a US 6.5-7, and my typical old season simple size is 37, but i can get away with 37.5 with padding.

  7. Thanks Erin,
    yeah, they are 2010 ron rons. i'll weight it out in my sleep tonight!
  8. Can anyone tell me how the sizing runs on the Python Bloody Marys?
  9. IIRC you should go with your Rolando size.
  10. Can anyone please advise the sizing for 85MM PRORATA 90 PUMPS?

    I am a standard 39 most of times. 39 in Chloe and miu miu, 38.5 in Lavin.

    Average to slight wider feet.

    I am a 39 in Simple 70 leather pumps, it looks a little bit narrow for me at the front but walkable and comfy in general.

    Thank you!
  11. I wear a 39.5 in the old simple about a 100 or 110 heel. I am thinking about a New Simple (with a similar heel) in a 39. Do you think it might fit me?

  12. from experience the titi is a bit funny at least on my feet , the TTS is veryyyyyy tight on the toe part but perfect length wise and 1/2 size up is perfect on the toe part but a gap at the back. i think several pfers have them here so they'd be able to give better advice than me.

  13. itll be too small , new simples tts - 1/2 size up 39.5 - 40 :smile:
  14. Yep did this. Works...
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