CL sizing - are they true to size?

  1. I just bought my first CL at Saks.COM

    It was my favorite brand of shoes so far, but didn't have enough funds due to over stocking purses....:p

    And I just made the best investment of all....I know they have been out for a while now, but I thought they will always be a classic piece.....the V prive in black leather and red toe....

    My question is since they are my first CLs, I am not so sure about the size....I got size 7(37)....I usually wear 7, but depending on the brand, sometimes 6and 1/2(36 1/2) or even 7 and 1/2(37 1/2).....I am not so sure about CLs....

    If 7 doesn't fit....I've gotta wait for another chance....They only have 38.5, 40.5 and 41 which are way to big~!

    Help, please, thanks~! and I will upload pix when I get them!
  2. Personally, I find that CL's run pretty true to size. I have 12 pairs and always bought my size.