CL sizing - are they true to size?

  1. I just bought my first CL at Saks.COM

    It was my favorite brand of shoes so far, but didn't have enough funds due to over stocking purses....:p

    And I just made the best investment of all....I know they have been out for a while now, but I thought they will always be a classic piece.....the V prive in black leather and red toe....
  2. Oop..I do not know why this has been posted twice........Please ignore this thread....Sorry and thanks.
  3. I bought the same ones this morning! Different CL styles fit differently. I'm sure your size will be fine:yes: I got my email that they have shipped already. I can't wait. Congrats!!
  4. the sizes are sooooo different! I purchase a round toe in a size bigger then what I normally wear, hence hearing that CL runs on the small size, so to be safe, I sized up and ordered a 39. When it arrived, it was 1.5 inches of room left at the back of my heel which was wayyyy to big. So I went to my local Saks and excahnged it to a different style that were pointy toe, again I had to size up and purchased a 38.5, but the size was prefect. However, I also tried on another pair that was a different style in a 38 and it was perfect fit and 38.5 was too big!!! I couldnt believe the sizes vary in such a big difference from just 38 to 39 depending on the various styles!

    I hope it all works out for you, post pics when they arrive!!!!
  5. i agree, they do run small. it's best to get a size bigger or better get try them on prior to purchasing.