CL size 43.... does it exist?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    i am new here in tpf and finally bought my first CL ! YAY!

    being a shoe size 43 italian / 44 french/ 12 US / 10 UK it is rather hard (read: impossible) for me to buy a premier designer brand on my size (although jimmy choo starts to design/do some styles). so mostly i bought size 42 italian/43french (never really bought US/UK brand) and it has to be open-toed/high heels sandals.

    would really like to own a "proper" patent leather CL pumps but not over 100mm
    for example:

    *New Decoltissimo 85 patent pumps
    *Elisa 100 or 85 patent-leather pumps
    *Pigalle 85 patent-leather pumps
    and so on... you experts know the drift :cutesy:

    Soooo.... i would like to know or if any of you could give me directions or even have the same dilemma as me.

    1. does CL makes size 43italian?
    2. if not, is it possible to special order it and how much extra/no extra?
    3. if they dont do that, if any of you who has the same dillema as me knows which CL model/style that will fits me?

    i bought [​IMG]


    any help would be much appreciated.

  2. I've never seen a 43, maybe it would be better if you asked someone at a CL boutique if you have one, or SFA, NM, or Barney's. And if you live in canada HR.
  3. hi louboutin hottie,
    thanks for the swift reply, i live in munich-germany. we don't have cl boutique here and the ones who sold cl they are so clueless they dont even know that cl does make size 42, and when i told them, they give me a look that implies that i am out of my mind *lol

    even jimmy choo boutique here didnt even know that jimmy choo made size 43 although not much and i#ve only seen them in netaporter. *lol
  4. Hmm, that's really too bad. Since I live in Canada and I haven't really ever been to Germany, and just Europe in general. So I don't really know what European brands would sell CLs and know what they're talking about. It would be better to ask someone who actually lives in Europe and would know. :sad: sorry. Maybe if you ever come to America, you could ask one of the workers at a store.
  5. Welcome! :biggrin: Following your questions above:

    As far as I know, CL does not make size 43. I believe size 42 is the largest size made in women's sizes.

    I am not sure you can special order shoes outside of the normal size range. I suspect that the only way to do it would be to go to Paris and have a custom last (shoe mold) made of your foot. Having a custom last made is very expensive (about €1000-1500, I think). If they can make a shoe larger than normal doing a regular special order, then the cost is the normal shoe cost + 30%.

    You might have the best luck picking a style that tends to run large and finding a 42 in those. Unfortunately, most of the styles that run 1/2 to a full size large also have 120mm heels. I would check the list at the beginning of the sizing thread here: ***CL Sizing Info & Advice •*READ FIRST PAGE***
    . I would also post the question asking for style suggestions there, too.

  6. helmuts run 1/2 to full size large and come in 100mm hh and lower, if that helps! good luck :smile:
  7. louboutinhottie : thanks anyway for even thinking for me :tender:

    elfgirl : hi there! thank you for your reply. well, if they can do special order and add+30% from the normal price, i think i could deal with it and it actually adds more to the sentimental value of the shoe hahaha...
    but if i need to make the shoe-mold AND THEN every time i order the price is +30%.... well i do not know if hubby will not went ballistic... hahaha

    i think i might do that but it means that the 120mm (or more) shoes in size 42 that will fits me wouldn't be my "everyday" shoes.:huh:

    again : thank you for your replies
    wish you all a nice day :cutesy:
  8. hi erinmiyu ! thanks for the suggestion! helmut does look sexy isn't it? cheers!
  9. yes, i think helmuts are really sexy! i don't own a pair, but they look so great on other ladies here :smile:
  10. Haha no problem! I'm happy to (try) to help lol even if I don't always have the best answer xD
  11. louboutinhottie : yikes! reading my lame answer! terribly sorry! hahaha... ANY tips/info/advices are MOST appreciated! hahaha

    authenticplease : AHA! sounds interesting! as i said, the pass python that i bought ( the first from (i hope) soon-to-be endless cl on my possesion) is size 42 and in netaporter (thats why i love to buy shoes there) have this size&fit advice thingy and it says this particular pair runs large, thats one other reason that i bought it (the main reason coz so pretty and i always wanted to have a cl)

    thanks for the links from the other thread/post. its really helpful! :cutesy:
  12. I wear a 10 US and 41 CL. I can suggest a few styles that ran large in bigger sizes. The sonia flat ran 1/2 to 1 size large, has it if you want to see a pic. I also suggest trying the eventa 85 mary janes ( has it for pic), they ran at least a 1/2 size big. And Babel 85 boots run about a 1/2 size big for me ( As for finding these styles in 42, I'd suggest calling the CL boutique in France or in NYC.
  13. I'm slightly smaller than you but opt for 42 when I can as I have a wide foot. I have never seen a 43 in all my years of CL - and I wish they made them! The Lapono in 42 for example, barely fits a usual size 40.

    As for models that run large - stay away from vintage styles. In Autumn 2009 CL redid its sizing - so shoes from then on run bigger. The Bianca, even though it is very high, runs ridiculously big ( I can wear a 40.5!) as do the Pigalle 120 and New Helmut as others have said.

    Do you need 43 in length or width? Have you short or long toes? I might be able to recommend some styles over others.
  14. good morning everyone!

    kittenslingerie : first : nice lingerie site!:love: second : thank you for the info& sites... you americans are so lucky, you have plenty of websites that sold cl's :yes: here in europe there's not much e-shopping to choose, well of course paris for us is just a train ride/1 hour plane but still....i might do what you ladies all suggests : call the paris boutique... well, after my holiday next month to asia and pick up some of my custom made shoes *lol thank you again!

    5elle : should we write petition to monsieur louboutin ????*teehee... but you are right, before i could only dream to own premier designer shoes... was so horrible to wear an alberta ferretti cocktail dresses OR ANY smart cocktail dresses (evening dress at least the shoes mostly covered *teehee) and wear "high street" shoes which is ok looking BUT sometimes looking painfully pinched :nogood: the only other option is the speciality shops that caters "oversize" & " undersize" feet ladies.. but there's no cl/jimmy choos/ballerinas (hence my asia holiday trip & made-to-order there some ballerinas):girlsigh:

    but now: at least cl made 42 and choo made some little collections in 43 AND the sizes COULD be 1/2 to 1 bigger! progress YAYAYAYAY!!!!

    i guess my toes are long and my width are "normal" to narrow. that is why sometimes i could squeeze into the size 42 high heeled-open toed sandals (forget the pumps/closed shoes/boots) see the pic that my feet managed to squeeze in size 42 halston clou
    doesnt look so bad when i sit but when i stand up *yikes*

    so if you tell me the pigalle 120mm runs large, i might give it a try! never seen helmuts in netaporter.... so maybe that phone call to cl boutique in paris are inevitable

    THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR YOUR INFOS/TIPS & EFFORTS! aqnd please keep them coming.. i would love to join your cl sisterhood!:cutesy:


    reading the insole link, does anyone can explain what
    * UHG means? :shrugs:

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