CL Simple Pumps

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm thinking about getting the Simple Pump 85mm. How does the sizing run?
    And does anyone know if they come in patent leather?

  2. i'm 1/2 size larger than my usual size

    oh, and check out the new sticky on CL sizing! it's great!
  3. They do come in patent and a TON of colors
  4. Have a look at this sizing guide, it's fantastic!

    CL Sizing Guide
  5. i have a the red patent ones and got them 1/2 a size up
  6. I got the black ones and they were true to size.
  7. My patent ones are 1/2 size larger. Patent doesn't stretch like regular leather, so it's a good idea to go up half a size.
  8. I took a half size larger but the ball part of my feet are not narrow. Heel is though, oh well.
  9. Simple pumps definitely come in patent leather, but I'm not sure what colors are out right now. :smile: My electric blue kidskin simple pumps are a 38.5, and that's also the same size I wear in Decollete's. :smile: I'm not sure if that's normal haha, but I have a very high arch and wider feet with a narrow heel, and found the 38.5 to be the most comfortable size. :heart: I wear a 38 in other styles like Yoyo's and Rolando's, so maybe you should have two sizes shipped to you and return the one that doesn't fit best... or try both sizes on in the store, which might be easier. :smile:
  10. ladies, i have a pair of simple 100s in camel

    any advice on where/how i can find other colors? i got my camel pair from Saks