CL Simple Pumps

  1. For anyone who has them, how do they run in sizing compared to other CLs? TIA
  2. I wear true 5.5 US, I got the 35.5.
  3. very tts!
    i am a 38.5 in closed shoes and thats what i got in my Simple Pumps
  4. They run true to size. I am a size 7 and I got a 37 and it fits perfectly. Nice choice I might add ;).
  5. Because they are round toe they are cut more generously than other CLs.
  6. I know they are roomier, but I ordered a half-size up because of my fat toes/wide feet, haha. I don't want any spillage! I have the round toed sing sing wedges in my true size, and they were a bit tight. But when I get my two pairs in, I'll let you know how they fit!
  7. ^^^I wouldn't recommend going 1/2 up in leather because CL shoes stretch a lot!
  8. thanks for the responses!

    i have the pigalles in 39.5 are they are a bit loose around the heel but snug around the toes.

    i wonder if i should just get a 39.5 in the simple pumps or chance it and get a 39...:confused1:
  9. Can anyone tell us if the non-platform higher-healed pumps are comfortable?

  10. I'm telling you, get whatever size is your true size. As one of the above ladies said, the leather will stretch. So you want to be sure that you don't buy shoes that are too big. If the shoes you order are way too small, you can always send them back or have them stretched.

    I bought these shoes and they fit very true to size.
  11. They fit the same as the Yoyos and Decoltissimos for me.
    Agree - great choice! One of my fave CLs.
  12. I think they're starting to look a little dated ... JMHO.
  13. ^^ really? I think they are gorgeous, classic and chic. The lines they give the foot are really streamlined. But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :yes:

    A friend of mine, who is an SA, said this style is moving so fast this year. (He had to order me a pair in my size from another store.) He said that the simple pumps have enjoyed a renewed interest this year because with all the intricate details on clothes this fall, lots of women want something simple and versatile. He said the simple pump and plain black patent tribute by ysl are his best sellers right now. So, yeah, the simple pump is probably an older style, and it is definitely not one for everyone, but it isn't going away any time soon! I love it! :heart:
  14. If the regular leather ones are true to size, would it be safe to assume that the patent leather ones might be a bit tighter? And that it would be better to size up a 1/2 size for the patents?
  15. I've heard people go 1/2 up in patent. So yes.