CL Simple Pumps in Copper metallic

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  1. Hi Girls,

    what do you think about this color? Do you like it for summer??? I wear a lot of classic black dresses or red and white. Think that could match very well???

    What about the size of the Simples? Is it true to size??

    THANKS !!!

  2. I definitely think it goes well with red, black, and white, or any combination of the three! A pretty shoe for summer, and it will look good in the fall and winter with those colors too. I think thats a good investment pair, personally.
  3. I like them too! And I think they go with black, red, and white great. I heard somewhere on here that the new simples are running a half size large.
  4. This is a great color! It's very diverse for the seasons and will definitely go well with those black, white, red colored dresses you have. :yes: Hope you get them! :biggrin:
  5. I love the color! I think it would look great with all the colors you mentioned. I also heard they are running 1/2 size big (so for me it would be TTS). NAP is sold out of my size otherwise I'd get them!
  6. love them! not sure if i think they woud go with red but definately black and white. don't know why i think that about the red, just do.

  7. The ones the OP linked to are the New Simples, not the regular Simples you got (which are gorgeous- where did you get them?!) Anyway, the New Simples run TTS (US size). I just bought a pair last week and I LOVE them. They're at the cobbler getting red rubber soles put on :smile:
  8. They are very cute and I agree they would add a great pop to alot of colors. I have not been able to try on any of the new simples so I can't give you info re: the size.

    you really look perfect with this style :smile: love,love it!!!!
  10. They're beautiful! I hope you get them, Bambi.
  11. I think the color is pretty! Go for them. Post photos when you get them!
  12. lovely shoes!
    you can wear that into the fall season too
  13. They are super-pretty. The color seems like more of a platinum than a typical silver or gold.
    It's really cool. I like that they are platform too. It gives them a little more punch. Fun! :nuts:

    It would match your colors perfectly. And a half size up should be perfect.
  14. They're so pretty! I just got the New Simples and I find that they run TTS.