CL Simple Pumps – 2 different heights?

  1. I am looking around for some simples, and they appear to come in two different heights. Is this correct?

    The ones at Saks have a 4” heel, so approximately 10cm, and the ones at Net-a-porter 85cm…

    Thanks for your help girls!
  2. yup, it comes in 85 cm and 100 cm :yes:
  3. Simple pump comes in a variety of heights, depending on what each individual store's buyer ordered -- highest being 100mm, there's also 85mm, as well as 70mm and even lower versions.
  4. Ooh... has any one seen any 70mm around? Or any of the lower ones? :yahoo:

    Thanks foxycleopatra!
  5. I recall trying on the Simple 70 at Bergdorf Goodman recently. They had it in 100mm, 85mm, and 70mm IIRC.
  6. thanks for the info! i've been looking for simple's with a lower heel. now just to decide if i should actually buy them or not... i've never bought really expensive shoes before and i'm afraid that if i get started, i might never be able to stop!
  7. NM also has the 70's. If you can try them on first. With a shoe that expensive you want to makecertain it is comfortable and you will wear it.
  8. I really believe that the CL Simple Pump is the most comfortable shoe I own. I have it in the 100mm heel and I can literally walk all day in them without my feet hurting. I think that it is worth the investment, and considering that they are relatively inexpensive at $500, I think it's a smart choice.
  9. ^^ did you have to break em in? they're more comfy for me than the other CLs, but can't imagine walking in them all day. wonder if there's a period where i just have to loosen em up? hehee..
  10. I just ordered the nude leather ones in 85s and red patent leather in 100s, so GOOD TO HEAR they are comfy!!! =)-
  11. ^^Can you share where you found the red patent simple in 100mm and the nude simple? I have been looking for the red patent simple in 100mm! TIA!
  12. They have the red on in the CL stores. I just got a picture from them, let me try to find that email again.