CL Simple Pump sizing?

  1. Ok...I cringed while making a thread about another CL sizing. We really should have a sticky on this! I did do a search before posting by the way...Anyways.....Im usually a 39-39.5....does the simple pump run TT Louboutin sizing? I have my eyes on a snakeskin pair on eBay :yahoo:
  2. It's pretty TTS. My Simple Pump and Very Prive are the same size.
  3. TTS for me too. got 3 pairs (all python though so they become super soft) and they are all my true size
  4. Tts
  5. Thanks!!!
  6. I have actually sized down for simple pumps. My first pair were calf leather and the same size as my very prives (a 38). Unfortunately, they stretched out too much after wearing them a few times. I now rely on inserts and heel grippers to wear them. I have since bought another 2 pairs and sized down a 1/2 size. They fit a lot better than my first pair and also stretched with wear.
  7. Thanks for the info! Im going to look more into them. I lost the pair on eBay but going shopping later this week...ill keep my eyes open now :p
  8. TTS. Good luck, Stinas.
  9. I normally wear 40.5 in CLs, but I had to get a 40 in the simple pumps.
  10. This really depends on the type of leather or skin you plan on getting. I have found that the python stretched nicely after a few wears so on python simple pumps, so I recommend going TTS. For the lizard simple pumps, I would recommend going 1/2 a size from your normal size (not your CL size) because the skin is very rigid and has not stretched at all. I think the patent and leather simple pumps are tts and stretch after a few wears.
  11. I went up 1/2 size. I guess I have crazy feet:nuts:
  12. I didn't know they came in lizard. I still:heart: my unworn python simple pumps. I hope they don't stretch too much. I got them TTS and although I don't mind a little bit of stretch I don't want to have to add heel liners and such in order to wear them.