CL Simple Pump owners...

  1. I plan on buying a pair, do they run tts? I normally wear 9.5 in non-designer pumps.
  2. I just bought a pair, and since they are a round toe, they are pretty true to size. I heard the stretch out after a couple of times wearing them.
  3. I believe they run true to size. I recently bought the regular black leather pairs and they were tight at first but they have stretched with wear
  4. I think they are pretty TTS.
  5. Like you, I use between 9.5's and 10's usually, and my decollete's are round toes, and 41's...
  6. They're true to size.
  7. CL's Simple Pumps run very true to size. I have several pairs, and found that the leather ones stretch a lot with wear.
  8. They are very true to size.
  9. I guess I'm the only one so far who went up half a size, but I did! I love mine!!!
  10. I went up 1/2 size in these too
  11. I bought them and returned them, so I'm just a temporary owner :graucho:

    I too had to go up a half size for these shoes, and I never ever have problems with Loubie sizing vs. my actual size. Then again, I don't own too many.

    I returned them b/c the heel actually felt way too short for me! I guess I expect to tower and teeter about when I'm wearing CLs