CL simple pump colors ?

  1. I am thinking about getting the simple pump since I keep hearing about how comfortable they are. I really like the electric blues but was wondering if there are any dark red ones patent or leather???
  2. I think that these might not be available at the boutique. I tried to get them in bourdeaux and nude but all they had was black, brown and bronze. The electric blue ones and nudes (not patent) were not available in the Rue de Grenelle shop.

    Good luck!

  3. CL Horatio St. has a 100 mm "rouge" patent, but it is NOT a dark red.



    I don't have any modeling pics, but if you look in the "post photos of your louboutins" thread, you will see my photos again and also another TPFer wearing them w/ some cute trouser bottoms. :tup:
  4. Thanks for sharing they are gorgeous but fear a bid too bright for what I had in mind, in the pics they come out rather orange red is that true?
    I need more of a red with blueundertones (berryred) ...