CL simple 85 nude pumps.. give me the scoop

  1. Ok, just need to ask. I know you all covet the nude CL's in any style.I am guessing you can wear them with anything and that may be part of it. But, before I take the plunge, let me her from the owners and wearers of this magical color why you love them so much. I could do black, but it is hard to find a beautiful nude pair of shoes. So ladies, give me your stories! I believe the 85 heel height is what I want, and I like the simple pump, it's classic, and I want a closed toe.Sell me on the nude!!:woohoo:Let me add that I am short, so sheer hose and shoes that blend in would be a plus, if in fact thay are that nude. I dislike white and ivory:nogood: Also, web pics can be decieving. I need the pros!
  2. Love mine!!!!!!!!!!!! They will go with anything at all. And simple pumps...the most comfy shoes!
    Loubies 001 467x350.jpg Loubies 002 467x350.jpg

  3. Do you have the 85 heel? Is there a big difference between nude and their beige?
  4. yes, the ones in the pic are 85mm. I don't have anything in beige, so I'm not sure how different the colors are.