CL simple 85 nude pumps.. give me the scoop


Oct 8, 2007
Ok, just need to ask. I know you all covet the nude CL's in any style.I am guessing you can wear them with anything and that may be part of it. But, before I take the plunge, let me her from the owners and wearers of this magical color why you love them so much. I could do black, but it is hard to find a beautiful nude pair of shoes. So ladies, give me your stories! I believe the 85 heel height is what I want, and I like the simple pump, it's classic, and I want a closed toe.Sell me on the nude!!:woohoo:Let me add that I am short, so sheer hose and shoes that blend in would be a plus, if in fact thay are that nude. I dislike white and ivory:nogood: Also, web pics can be decieving. I need the pros!


100% Puerto Greekan
Dec 6, 2006
yes, the ones in the pic are 85mm. I don't have anything in beige, so I'm not sure how different the colors are.