CL Sighting!

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  1. At lunch today, I had my very first CL sighting! There was a lady in the same food establishment w/ a green sweater and black skirt, walking around in black leather Lady Gres! Standing in line w/ a couple of coworkers, my face lit up and I gasped when I saw them... :nuts: Heading towards the drink section, I saw her again and got a chance to tell her, "Love your shoes!" :amuse:

    I wonder if she's reading this right now... If so, "Hi, again!" :biggrin:
  2. Nice! I love the CL sightings but it is so rare for me to see something more than a pair of simple pumps.
  3. Wow... I never see any here... LOL
  4. Its funny how we all react the same when we do see them out in public.
    I do the same thing when I see them.
  5. Aww I bet you made her day :love:
  6. I never see any CLs out where I live *pouts*
  7. I go about my existence never seeing them, but one day, the day I got my Bruges, I had two CL sightings. Both looked like 70-85mm styles that I do not know the names of. They were probably purchased at Wilkerson Burke, or whatever that old fogey store is in SF.
  8. Where I live they are rarely seen too..only had a few time my husb and I were at Morton's and HE spotted a pair!!
  9. I've only seen one so far, on a lady getting out of a crowded elevator. I didn't notice until she walked out and I saw the back of her heel.
  10. I've never seen them on anyone here either. But then again, I don't live in a big city.
  11. where you wearing a pair or cl's when you saw her?
  12. DA- Yes, I was wearing my grey linen d'orsays... :wlae:
  13. That's awesome! I see a few CL's from time to time here..I'm always on the look out for the red sole! I've never walked up to anyone tho...I might get sued or something if I try talking to strangers. Hong Kong ppl don't really tolerate that kind of friendliness, lol!
  14. ^ thats so funny made me really laugh because I have lived in cities that are like that!!!!

    I would love to hear more stories about sightings and such.
  15. A friend of a friend was wearing her well-loved lastics the other day. I did compliment her on them as I can't do that boot! She wears them everywhere though, shopping, grocery shopping, parties, etc!