CL shopping - what do you wear?

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  1. I love heels but they are a no no for me when shopping as I need to move quickly if Isee a bargain :supacool: so I usually wear jeans, jacket and maybe flattish boots, pumps or trainers.

    Every shop I have been to when CL or "posh shoe" shopping I have always been dressed down and never had a problem (NYC, London (dept stores), Dublin, Belfast) but I was a bit annoyed that when in London I went to Mount Street they were less than helpful and made me feel quite uncomfortable - I guess it was because they other people there were smartly dressed and I has been running around all day shopping. Noone came over to help me (though I think some of the staff were looking at me liek I was about to make off with a shoe!) though they approached people who came in after me. When I left a couple of the girls stood at the till were starring at me and as I walked out the door one of them shouted "bye" and I think they laughed :confused1:

    Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I'm paranoid :idea:
  2. i know what you mean. i tend to dress for comfort when i know i'm going to be running around london all day (i mean...hello it's FILTHY and i don't want to ruin my clothes by dashing around from shop to shop) and so i will shop in jeans and comfy shoes/boots and i do feel a little 'less' than some of the women. esp the ones who are literally glittering with jewels. but i just try to be assertive (and usually fail because i get nervous) and hope for the best. i found the mount st people to be much nicer than the motcomb st ones
  3. I usually wear jeans, Converse and a low-maintenance top. ;)
  4. I found the Mount St people to be more welcoming than some of the other stores I've visited too. Though HN's SA's in the CL concession and the other Designer shoe area gets my gold star

    I usually go shopping in jeans, flats or my 3inch knee highs ( not CL ) I always try to make sure my hair and face are presentable, though after the commute in on the train and tube this rarely happens !

    The only place I've had problems with SA's looking down on me is at Browns on Sloane St - and that was a day I was especially smart ! I've vowed never to go in there again. Even Mark picked up on it too !. I'm sure it's because I'm a US10 and they stock clothes for smaller ladies :sad: If they could have said when I entered the store "There's nothing in here for you" I'm sure they would have !
  5. US10!? you teeny thing. i'm so jealous! granted i'm only a 12 but even so! :biggrin:

    i have found browns staff to be rude as well. PLUS i went in and saw their CL selection...the ones they have on the website and i was NOT impressed. they don't look nice
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    It was my first stay in London and I was staying with a friend who had to work all day so I had literally been walking about all day so probably looked a mess (and have put on a lot of weight recently) but even so :sad: The lady who served me in Selfridges was lovely ;)

    I kept thinking, I bet the tpf girls must look much more polished than me when they go shopping :yes:
  7. pft. i am sooo not polished! i wish!
  8. I'm not polished either. I don't think I could be if I tried, too much of a tomboy :rolleyes:

    I'm by no means teeny, I wish I was :yes:. I only get away with a 10 ( UK14 ) because I'm 5ft 8 !.Once those Pocky's arrived on my door I suspect I'll be creeping upwards :Push:

    I should try and save a pack for the meet up !
  9. I work with the same SAs so I've never had any problems with anyone being rude.
  10. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Not dressing up gets SAs pointing and giggling; dressing up does a disservice to those who don't dress up, by encouraging the above behaviour.

    I usually shop after work as I don't like doing it on weekends; so I look at least somewhat presentable after a full day's work; but never bejewelled and with perfectly coiffed hair, fresh perfume and just applied makeup. No thanks. If I feel even a little bit uncomfortable while shopping, then they're not getting my business.
  11. I dont have any CL boutiques here, but I do notice the change in behavior when you walk into anywhere in jeans and a sweatshirt vs. when you dress up. I've even gotten different treatment in a grocery store LOL
    When I go to the mall here or designer shopping, I usually wear nice jeans, a blouse and either my Jimmy Choo flats which I live in, or a pair of shorter heels (~ 3-3.5") if I am only going to a few stores.
    Of course sometimes, it doesnt matter what you wear because the SAs are just rude no matter what LOL Our NM and Saks here certainly dont hire people for their personality! Some of the other boutiques like Versace are the same way, no matter what you wear...they just have sticks stuck somewhere LOL
  12. I've been to both London boutiques just once each, and each time I've looked like my normal hobo-self. Gypsy skirt and leggings (with stirrups!), or ripped jeans. It really is all about being assertive. I go straight in, look around like I mean business and as soon as a SA comes over then I send her running off to get stuff for me. If no one comes over, then I go to them and talk to them so sweetly you'd think sugar dripped from my tongue.

    I always look my worst in London.
  13. And you looked so cute in your converse:tup:

    I usually wear some comfy flats, jeans and a blazer. I need to be able to make a mad dash for a sale item!
  14. Unless I'm going straight from work I hardly ever wear heels shopping. Too much walking involved. For me it's usually jeans, flats and a sweater in the winter. When it's REALLY cold I wear my giant puffy coat that goes to my ankles and makes me look like the Michelin Man. Definitely not posh!
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    i go for comfort but kinda smart at the same (smart trainers) and jeans :...but even then i get the snotty attitude still i take it in my stride.