CL Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide FAQ

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  1. Can you comb down pony hair?
  2. Here's a little story about what I did with my pre-loved Jaws from Ebay. I know a lot of girls are worried about the scales curling. I live in Denver and it is so dry out here, I would be surprised if the scales didn't curl.

    Any who, back to my story about the Jaws, Once they arrived I put the Apple conditioner on them generously and then I slipped them into a pair of old tights and let them dry overnight. This caused the scales to flatten down beautifully!

    I'm thinking the scales will curl again eventually, but in the meantime they look great and I didn't do them any harm
  3. Can you use the AppleGuard on canvas to seal it? It seems to pick up EVERYTHING!
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    thanks laureen!! just ordered some and this code still works :tup:
  5. For the high heel shoe stretchers, the description says it will not stretch shoes with heel heights over 4 inches. Is that true?
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    Anyone know? :confused1:

    Oh! And another question... I have a pair of the black mesh cork platforms (i can't remember the name for the life of me). Because sometimes i don't watch where I'm walking, I got part of the heel caught in the pavement and a little piece (about 1/4-1/2 inch) of the dark brown/black cork came off. Is there any way to fix this or any ideas on how to hide it?

  7. it's pretty much true... well at least in my experience with louboutins. i can't remember the last pair of heels i bought that weren't CL, but i think those high heel stretchers aren't meant for louboutins. they just don't fit into the shoe properly-- no matter what size stretcher i tried! i think it's partially because they run so narrow and partially because of the steepness (i don't think that's a word :P) in the arch area.

    but FYI for anyone considering to buy a stretcher for your louboutins-- ask your cobbler to try one in your shoe before ordering it. i wear a true US 8 and bought a stretcher meant for women's size 7-8 for my decolletes and putting the un-expanded stretcher was enough for those poor shoes!
  8. It doesn't really "seal" it. Also, I'm not sure about canvas, but many ladies use Scotch Guard on their satin shoes; I'm thinking that would be better for canvas as well.
  9. (Been away from tPf-CL sub for a while, and in coming back everything's so nicely reorganized! Thought I'd contribute to this FAQ by the below input, from a previous thread.)

  10. For the apple guard/canvas question... I would not recommend it per my cobbler earlier this year... short story, I took my Manolo Blahnik fabric zebra sedaraby's to a cobbler along with my spray and he said there is a chance of yellowing..... I would suggest asking your cobbler.
  11. Good advice, Bella. I asked my dad (knower of trivial things that really matter in life) what I should use. He suggested Kiwi Sport Fast acting cleaner. It sprays on and with the scrubby thing on top you get the dirt out and wipe it off with a cloth. My white canvas/black patent Fendi B flats look like I just got them out of the box- absolutely no yellowing! I should've done before and after photos- it was remarkable.

    (I think it's half this price at Wally World)
  12. Not sure if anyone has already posted this, but I found a great little product for cleaning the insides of my CLs - Kiwi "quick'n'clean" - it's a soft plastic packet containing 10 scented footwear wipes. I use them to wipes the inside of my CLs at the end of a few wears when they have yucky dirt and toe jam build-up. They look all pretty and new again. Also smells great lol!
  13. ^I just use baby wipes because I happen to have them handy. Works well.
  14. Hi ladies: just got some new scuffs that i've never had on any of my CLs before. these are my ginevra boots and i have 2 problems: first, a scuff in the arch area from slipping into a crack (!) and second the picture # 2 where you can see a chuck that is missing from where the sole and upper meet- i keep trying different angles but can't capture how it almost looks like heavy cardboard underneath or something the way it peeled. Should I just take these to my cobbler and let him decide or is there anything i can do? I'm praying he will be able to 'repaint' the missing color/scuff on the arch what do you think???

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  15. I don't think there's anything else he can do about the scuffs on the sole. Given that he has the paint in the first place. You can go hunting for a nail polish in the right shade of red, if all else fails.