CL Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide FAQ

  1. Leather Spa in NYC.
  2. Try apple garde cleaner, but test it on a spot first.

  3. This happened to me when I used apple garde rain and stain repellant on my Sergio Rossi blue suede shoes. The suede became matted and kinda hard; definitely not the same fluffy suede I bought. I never noticed discolorations. However, since this, I discovered Meltonian spray (thank you, Nat!). I spray all my shoes (fabrics, suede, nappa, water snake) with it and the texture stays the same (color too!). Just don't be heavy handed with the spray and wait several hours until you spray again. Hth!
  4. Hi. I hope I am posting in the proper forum. I have a pair of lady peeps that were very wore down, so I had a cobbler install red vibram on them. And he did an awful job and the bottoms look very messy. Is it possible to have the entire sole replaced? i.e., like as if they were brand new? Has anyone done this before? And does the new sole come from CL or is it just a no-brand replacement? I contacted Leather Spa in NYC to inquire, but have not heard back yet. Thank you.
  5. If you're considering replacing the entire sole, you should consider sending them to MM7 in Paris. The cost is 94 Euros.

  6. Helllo Ladies:love::love::love::love::love:
    I would like to purchase leather care for my Christian Louboutin Kid leather shoes (very prive and new Simple Botta).
    which product do you recommend?

    I am thinking about getting either
    Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent and Meltonian All Purpose Cleaner and Conditioner or Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent and Apple Leather Care Kit.

    which would be better choice? or any other recommendation?

    thank you:drinkup:
  7. I use the Meltonian. I had it since I bought it at Tory Burch's website recommendation. I like it.

  8. Has anybody tried original sole - heel huggers? I always liked the idea of protecting my heels but most of the ones i have seen are really obvious but these look discreet. Do you think they would damage the heels at all?
  9. hi everyone! I was wondering what the best protectant for a beige calf leather would be. I saw recommendations for meltonian but I'm not sure if that is good for a light color. thank you.
  10. Has anyone here ever successfully restored the softness of suede after it gets to feeling dry and rough?

    I have a pair of black suede simples and I was very bad and used a cleaner on them that was supposed to be ok for all types of leather including suede but clearly that wasn't the result.

    They are otherwise perfect condition but when you feel the suede and look at it really close it is rough and not soft and velvety like my other suede CLs. They look clean and otherwise great but the texture feels rough.

    I've read online that rubbing suede with steel wool will lift the nap up again and make them soft but honestly I'm terrified to do that, I'd rather have rough feeling suede then no suede at all! Has anyone successfully tried this?

    Any thoughts? Anyone have any luck restoring the texture of suede?
  11. I just bought a turquoise suede pair of CL's and was curious about this too....did you ever try the Apple Nubuck and suede cleaner?
  12. Thanks for this thread Ladies! Just brought some bickmore for my VP's...
  13. hi ladies

    what is the best for suede?? i am looking to get some turquoise suede but i am wondering what i can do as i know they will probably get stained or dirty quickly