CL Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide FAQ

  1. That is actually quite common with CLs when you wear them on the pavement. I've seen worse soles before. OP you could get them vibramed.
  2. a little red nail polish should fix it. i think someone before found the perfect red match
  3. Will get them vibrammed shortly. Just the bottoms though. By the CL and size number though the scratched are so strange.
  4. I'll do a search on this forum then, id like them fixed. Always a bummer to get a new pair (even if it's gently used by someone else) and then see the flaw. Good thing is the more visible part of the boot is on gorgeous condition.
  5. Looks like they were scraped against the rung of a barstool or something smiliar. I would just paint it with nail polish if it bothers you.
  6. Has anyone found a brand/color of polish that works best to match? I've looked at OPI and there are about 12 different shades of red. Thank you!
  7. Oh never mind. seems the consensus is:
    Chanel Fire
    Chanel Dragon
    Essi Trombone
    Revlon Red Hot Tamale
    OPI Big Apple Red

    Thanks all. Pulled from several different past threads.
  8. I've heard Chanel Dragon is pretty accurate.
  9. Hi everyone I wanted to ask if anyone knew a place in New York City where they can fix or repair cosmetics on a pair of CL's

    I added pics *

    Thank you!
    image-1686804032.png image-3449563074.png image-2013824478.png image-811132440.png
  10. Hi everyone, I just noticed on one of my Bianca heels that there is a tiny bit of red coming off the sole, and it's not the part that touches the ground but the part that shows when walking. It's minor, but I'm afraid it will get worse! I've attached a photo so you can see. The area is also a little rough, not super smooth.
  11. Oops! Sent that prematurely! Anyway, is there a way to fix this? Nail polish? Can a cobbler help? I don't want it to get worse! It's on the bottom left area near my thumb if you can see!
  12. it is very minor but i would take it to a cobbler
  13. Thanks! Would they just paint over it? Would it have to be a special Louboutin cobbler?
  14. Does anyone knows how to maintain the studs on louboutins?
    I'm having a headache for my freddy, some studs has lost its shine..
    Dont want the same issue to happen to my other pairs... :sad::sad:
  15. I am about 5hrs away from NYC and for all my CL repairs, I send them to Leather Spa in NYC. While I have had a couple of shipping issues, I've never been disappointed with their work.