CL Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide FAQ

  1. ITA. Easy fix. I did this with my fifis too and it looks like new. :smile:
  2. I did this with my Simples, and a cobbler fixed the issue quite easily. I can tell they've been repaired only if I look closely.
  3. So sorry that happened. Darn sidewalk cracks... :cursing: I'm sure a cobbler can fix that and make it look great. GL!
  4. vhdos, unfortunately this happens more often than you think. Any good cobbler should be able to fix this like the others are saying. You might be able to find more info on the Louboutin Reference Library. I did this to my nude patent new simples and they were able to pull it down and glue it. The cobbler (Pasquale's) told me that patents are the hardest to restore to its original state, leather is much easier to fix. Like Laura229 says, you can only tell with close inspection. Make sure you go to a reputable dealer used to dealing with CLs. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. Unfortunately, I'd have difficulty finding a cobbler around here that has experience with CLs. There is no CL shopping around here, which means that cobblers don't see them that often. I guess that I will just search for a good cobbler.
  6. I had the same issue and my cobbler fixed them at no cost and I forgot to ask. I took them in for vibrams. He is not a CL specialized cobbler. He was referred to me by my local Dior boutique, they only go to him. You are correct in looking for a good cobbler. Ask another high end boutique who they refer their clients to for repairs. You and your cl's will be fine.
  7. Definitely ask around your local boutiques & dept stores what cobblers they use, but if that doesn't happen I've heard of people sending their shoes in to The Leather Spa in New York, they'll repair them & send them back, and they do an amazing job & have lots of experience with CLs and high end shoes!
  8. yeah, seems like a pretty easy issue to me. Almost all my shoes have this on some part of the heel :yes:
  9. Everybody's right. Pasquale's also accepts shoes mailed in to them.
  10. Hi ladies, please help me out if you have spike shoes.
    I just bought a pair of pigalles with gold spikes, brand new from the boutique, and haven't worn them yet.
    But I noticed that the gold spikes have started to discolour or should I say the paint work on them is coming off. I am so afraid that they will get worse once I start wearing them. The worst part is because the underneath of the gold spikes is a dark grey/silver metal colour and it looks very obvious.
    I have a pair of Lady Clou but the silver spikes don't have any issues at all. The paint on it doesn't peel or anything like the gold spikes on my pigalles.
    I have attached a photo for reference. Please advise as to what I can do to prevent further peeling of the paint or discoloration as I am so afraid to wear them now!

  11. ^^ Oohhh, that's very bad :nono: These are my UHGs,, now I'm worried..

    I'd contact the boutique you got them from or ecomm.
  12. I have contacted the boutique about it, still waiting for a response as they have to get back to their head office etc... they can't do a replacement for me because they have completely sold out of my size unfortunately.
    I am afraid that this peeling is going to get worse. The underneath is so yucky! I think it might be brass or something? I have no idea but the contrast of gold and the ugly brass underneath is so obvious! :yucky:

    I will contact ecomm right now and see what they say. Thanks!!
  13. Please keep us updated. I'd like to know what they will do about these studs. I want these to last a long time so This could put me off :sad:
  14. Please i am not sure if this has been discuss.
    How can i treat MMP suede.
    What treatment should i buy?
  15. So I just bought this gorgeous pair of CL Simple Botta's on eBay. They were authenticated and were originally from NM. The quality is great and they are in pristine condition, except for the soles. (Photos attached) it's like someone took a razor to the bottom! I'm not sure what to do from here because it is so noticeable.

    Should I try to file down the bumps and then buy a little paint to cover it up? Should I get them re-soled (and if so how?). Sorry, this is only my third pair so I've not run into a problem like this. Would love any suggestions or directions to a thread where maybe a similar problem has been resolved?

    This is just photo of them in box. Not really concerned about the bottom of the sole since I'm having them vibramed anyway:
    photo 1.JPG

    These two following photos are of the scratches. I don't know how the person got them this way, but I'd love suggestions on how to fix.
    photo 2.JPG
    photo 3.JPG

    Thank you for any help/guidance!