CL Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide FAQ

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  1. Okay, so I've had my red suede declics for a month, and I finally got up enough courage to spray some Kiwi suede and nubuck protector on them so I can finally wear them out! I figured if I protect my suede bag from water/drink/etc stains with this stuff, then it should be good for my CLs!

    Then I found this thread, and then I was kinda sad that I didn't look this up more and get some Apple Garde rain and stain repellent AND cover the red soles because I noticed a slight matte film on them after a few minutes of drying. I hope that will wipe off and make my red soles shiny again with alcohol like jimmyshoogirl recommended for the Scotchguard white marks...

    But the Kiwi suede and nubuck protector did do a pretty good job of making the suede repel water. I decided to test it out by flicking a couple drops - or more - of water on my shoes after the protector spray stuff dried, and the water just beaded up and rolled off the shoe. I'm glad that it worked!! And it didn't darken my shoes like I thought it might. Yay!

    But I think next time I'm gonna get some Apple Garde Rain and Stain, since it states straight away that it's wax and silicone free (it doesn't say whether it has wax or silicone for the Kiwi protector spray), and it supposedly lets the leather/suede/exotic materials breathe...

    And I agree, this SHOULD be a sticky! I wish I found this thread before I sprayed my shoes...
  2. From what I have read, it seems like I should avoid using the Apple Leather Conditioner on my black jazz CLs. But other than not using that product, what should I be doing for the maintenance and care of my black jazz CLs? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  3. I use the Apple leather conditioner on my pythons, and it seems to do very nicely. Scales haven't curled, haven't lost any, doesn't discolor, etc.
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    ^ i have also used Apple Garde Leather Care and Rain & Stain repellent on my exotics (Lizards and Pythons), satin and regular leather (not tried on suede yet) and they have come out beautifully without ruining the material, no discoloration or anything at all. i highly recommend it.
  5. I'd love to know also! I've worn mine out a couple of times already and am wondering if there's anything I need to do (other than be careful)!
  6. I don't think you should do anything to jazz. It seems very low maintenance.
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    So should we avoid using the Rain & Stain Repellent? What can I use to clean them? Baby wipes? Tissue with water? Nada?
  8. I would just use a little water and a clean cloth, personally. I wouldn't want to risk anything leaving residue.
  9. where can I buy apple guard? i just tried to do a search on google but nothing is coming up....

  10. I believe
  11. Does anyone have advice on care and maintenance of pony hair shoes? I don't have a pair yet but I'm seriously thinking about investing and was wondering what the process is like for this type of shoe and if it will worth it to buy them or if they'll just end up going bald after a few wears. Thanks!
  12. 20% off everything at, including Apple Leather Care. Use code "Clearance."
  13. A question: Do those little strips for the back of slingback heels that you can stick on there actually help if they are a hair tight and slightly painful? Wanted some input before I go buy them.
  14. Just picked up my babies from being zipsoled......

    Just like new again....ahhhhhhhh:tender:

  15. question.... I noticed today that I have a stain of some sort on the patent (possibly under the patent) of my Nude YoYo's....any advice?