CL Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide FAQ

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  1. This is an EXCELLENT thread. This should be a sticky.

    Although I still need to find the find the courage to apply Apple Rain to my suede Babel. I am to nervous I will ruin them
  2. any exotic skin care which are available over the net and ship internationally...?
  3. Just to add to patent leather care, I tried using baby wipes today and they worked great! I used them on my decolletes and then used cotton balls to dry them and polish residue off the surface. Cotton balls are great because they gently scrubbed away most of the scuff marks and dried up moisture from the wipes.
  4. I have seen Bick 4 (for exotic skin) show up on ebay and some sellers provide worldwide shipping.
  5. Does anyone have a tip on care for metalics? I've only worn my pewter metalic ronrons once and the toes are already a little scuffed... I'm probably the only one who can see it but it still bothers me...
  6. Can the Apple leather cleaner and conditioner be used for exotic skin? Or is it Bicks exclusively?
  7. great info!!!
  8. So I know that Bick can be also used to clean/condition leather in addition to exotic skin. I am not sure about the apple brand cleaner as I only use the guard for satins.

    I got this information regarding exotic care from this site
  9. I'd also like to know. My pewter NS are starting to look a bit scuffed around the front.
  10. I also would like to second the power of babywipes in cleaning patent leather.:tup:
    And warn that shoeaddictklw (cutest avatar ever imo!!:P) once tried to use Apple leather conditioner of her jazz leather and it loses the shine. :crybaby:So maybe don't use it for jazz.
    As for exotic skin, I just purchased the rose phyton privatita. Is Bick 4 safe to use on coloured phyton too?
  11. Yes, Can, it's safe - I used it on my yellow python with no problem.
  12. If you read the label, it will tell you if it can be used on exotics. I believe it does say you can use it for exotics.
  13. Is anyone else as scared as me to actually treat the shoes? I need to spray my satin and suede shoes but I just can't bring myself to do it.