CL Satin Very Prive

  1. Hello Ladies,

    It's been awhile since I've posted and now I'd like your opinions on the CL Satin Very Prive in Black.

    I currently own nothing like it and they have at least one pair at the CL boutique in Hong Kong (which is where I currently reside). The shoes are going for HKD 5800 but I have a 10% discount which brings it to a little over HKD 5200. Are they worth it? I won't be wearing them all that often and I've never purchased shoes this expensive before. I own 3 other pairs of CL but they were either purchased 30% off retail or more.

    I can't decide whether they are worth it or if I should go and buy myself a pair of shoes from Chanel or something. I did try them on and they are TDF! :yahoo::drool: However, they are in Satin (they don't have them in leather or patent...only suede or Satin and I don't think I would wear suede in the summer)

    I have a few days to think about it and I'd appreciate any feedback. TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I love the Very Prive style and find them extremely comfortable. I think that satin is limited to evening since it is a very delicate fabric.
    Do you plan to only wear them for special events? If so, then satin is a good choice. But if you want to get more use, I recommend patent, leather or suede. And I think that suede can be worn in the spring/summer.
  3. Thanks so much for the speedy response, Kamilla! :cutesy:

    I was planning on saving them for special occasions...But I guess busting them out every now and then for dinners isn't bad either. Also, black satin should be rather easy to maintain, right? However, taking your advice into consideration I will also look into the suede. I believe the two are the same price, anyway. If only they carried them in patent leather or plain leather!!

    Out of curiosity, how much do they retail for in the US?

    TIA! :ty:
  4. The satin very prives were $690 USD. The kidskin leather $720 and the patent leathers are $770 and up.

    I find the satin very prives to be elegant. Very Prives in general are very comfortable. They are a wardrobe must have IMO.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the responses. I will post pics once I decide what to buy! I can't wait! :yahoo: