CL Sale in London?

  1. It is a question rather than a new thread really....

    Anyone knows if there is going to be any sale campaign for CLs?
    Does it happen here in London at all?

    I am about to plunge and buy my first pair (well, planning to go to Harvey Nicks tomorrow to investigate anyway ;) )
  2. I don't know where you can actually buy then in the UK, but I think the best thing to do is to buy them online.
    I don't think Harvey Nichols will have them though..:confused1:

  3. Thx Trolley Dolly.. I have never tried the Louboutins on before so do not know which size I should order on-line (they have a pair I am after on net.a.porter.) so this weekend the plan is to get to the shops and try as many pairs as possible ;)
  4. go to the main store on motcomb street then to Harvey Nichols. its just up the road.
    not sure when the main store will sale some stock but pretty sure the Harvey Nichols one (even though owned by CL himself) will have to go on sale with the rest of the store. so right after Xmas