CL`s falling apart

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  1. So I bought CL's Balota off an Ebay seller named Trenduet. Before I made the purchase I researched the seller and even came on here to see if she was legit and only sold the real deal. I was told "YES," Trenduet only sells authentic stuff to I went ahead and bought them. Once they arrived to me I questioned the quality of these shoes and was told by someone on here that they were real even though the quality of them I didn`t think was that great. I saved wearing these shoes until my wedding day which was 4 months after I bought them and then wore them once more 3 weeks ago. My problem now is though that they are falling apart!?!!?! The red sole is starting to peel off and the inside sole on one is also starting to lift. The glitter is coming off too which is allowing the actual material under it to show which is an ugly yellow. My question is: "How can shoes that cost more than a mortgage payment fall apart?" Do these sound fake to anyone and is it possible that even though the seller on EBay only sells authentic products that maybe somehow she got fakes in? Is there anything I can do? I bought them almost 6 months ago but only wore them twice?
  2. Trenduet Is a reputable seller, i believe. It's perfectly normal for the red to come off the sole when you wear the shoes and any glitter upper will shed, more so if you rub it against anything so take care. Everything in your message sounds like normal wear and tear to me - while CLs are expensive, they're still just shoes and not immune to this.
  3. It's perfectly normal????????? So basically when you buy CL's expect to wear them twice before they start to fall apart?
  4. Sadly, this sounds normal to me. Glitter is glitter and easily falls off...even after a few wears. My glitter CLs lose glitter just sitting in their box. The red sole wears off fairly quickly with friction from walking. It's easy for a sole to's happened to me on a few open toed pairs - many different big name brands. These are all quick repairs at a good cobbler. Perhaps have red Vibram soles put on so you don't see the red wearing off and the lifting sole glued by a professional? I haven't seen the shoes nor am I familiar with the seller but these aren't reasons to think they aren't authentic.
  5. Your description doesn't sound like they're falling apart. The red has come off the sole - any shoe sole is going to get damaged the minute you wear it outside. The red is basically similar to paint on the sole, so it will chip on contact. The insole is lifting - it may not have been glued down properly but that's easy enough to fix. As for the glitter - I have no idea how much care you've taken but as I said, some shedding is normal. The structure of the shoe itself seems intact though.
  6. Upload some pictures so we can see.

  7. Sorry, it's not the red soles wearing off they are physically coming off :sad: I knew that the red would rub off from walking but to have the actual sole peel off was not something I expected.
  8. Pictures are coming
  9. Here are some pics
    003.JPG 004.JPG 006.JPG
  10. I think I also depends on the person's use of the shoes. Were you wearing them ALL day? Were you on your feet all day? Did you dance in them? When you bought them, were they new/unworn condition? Was it marked "with defects" on the ebay listing?

    Those are authentic but whenever you buy anything second hand and not directly from a boutique or e-comm, you risk getting a pair that someone else found defective or worn more than they admitted.

    I can sense in your video that you are angry (as you should because that glue job is horrid and Louboutins are NOT supposed to be like that).

    Glitter itself is VERY delicate material, so you really have to baby the shoes. Most CLs are not made for hard wear and tear, they are art pieces that need to be gently worn. So the glitter coming off is normal, the glue job is not. The sole peeling at the heel should only be like that after a LOT of wear. So either you were super rough with your shoes or the seller didn't accurately disclose how worn it was when you bought it.

    I think all these factors put together (second hand purchase, wear and tear, poor craftsmanship) caused you this negative experience. But normally when you pay so much for a pair of Louboutins, they should be of exceptional quality. If you had purchased these directly from a department store or boutique, they would have replaced or fixed the problem for you immediately. But you purchased it on ebay... that comes with no protection or guarantee I'm afraid.

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I would recommend taking it to your local trusted cobbler to fix them. If it's only the insole peeling off and the red and the heel that is coming off too, your cobbler should be able to make it as good as new for under $100.
  11. Your expectations are too high... It's all normal for me.

    They're just shoes, even if they're expensive, these are all normal wear and tear which are easily fixable by a cobbler.

    As for the glitter, they're definitely because you rubbed your shoes against each other. Sometimes we're unaware of this when wearing them and I bang my feet together too by accident, but hey... still all normal wear and tear.
    There are ways to keep the glitter on longer, you can do a search.
    Good luck.
  12. Ditto. Don't be upset. A cobbler can fix these easily. Louboutin recommends cobblers right on his site if you don't have a reliable one already. I use Santana Creations per their suggestion and I've been pleased with their work. Good luck!
  13. The Ebay seller stated these shoes were brand new and from Saks or Barneys. The ad did not state these were defects but that they were in perfect condition. I didn't give these shoes alot of wear as to be honest I can barely stand for 5 mintues wearing them. I wore them for the wedding ceremony and half way through the pictures I took them off and they went in their original box. The second time I wore them was to a restaurant for dinner (maybe a 4 hour evening where I was sitting most of the time.) They have been stored in my bedroom closet ever since then. I am angery as you can tell. I work hard for my money (as we all do) and just wanted a beautiful pair of shoes to be able to keep for ever as a memory of my wedding day. Im more heart broken though than angry I think.
  14. This. I did that with my Pigalle Platos ;_;