CL Round or Point?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a pair of black leather CL's.

    But I'm torn on the tip.

    Will the round tip be a classic or the pointy tip?

  2. They go in and out of style. I remember in the not too distant past when everything was round and pointy toes screamed bad retro. I like the current CL's as they pointier toes are not too extreme. I think it depends on how comfortable they are and what you think looks better. I have tried both, and I like the round toes but that is me.
  3. Post pics of the pairs you are thinking of getting. :yes:
  4. I find his round toes to be more comfortable than the pointed toes. Although I do agree that his pointy toes are not extreme. I find those end up looking like elf shoes or skis.
  5. Go for pointy! It's true, he has more rounded pointy toes than most other designers, and I think pointy will ultimately almost always be in style
  6. They both look good to me. Personally I would only purchase pointy ones because my feet are small and they kind of look too tiny w/ rounded ones. I do adore rounded ones on other people though.
  7. That's a tough call. I like both his round and pointy. I agree, you should try them on and see which look better on you.
  8. I just realized that ALL of my CLs until last month are open-toe, lol

    But I just bought the decoltissimo pointed toe last month, and the wallis platform mary janes and simple 85s (sort of pointy round, if that makes any sense) today.

    Try some on if you can and see which you prefer!