CL ROLANDOS - Comfy or Not?

  1. I could use some sage advice from any CL Rolando owners who have worn these gorgeous shoes:

    Are they comfortable to wear more more than a few hours, and are they easy to walk in when you wear them out? :shrugs:

    I recently received my bronze CL Rolandos, but I have not worn them out of the house yet. My main reservation is that I have too many pairs of shoes that seemed really comfortable when I tried them on at home, but which became too uncomfortable when I wore them out (e.g., my decolletes and decollete zeppas -- that unfortunately never leave my closet).
  2. Stinam - honestly, I do not think that they are very comfortable. Although there is a covered platform, the arch is very deep in this style so I was not able to walk in them for a long time. I am sure that this is something that I just need to get used to but my first reaction was not great - not like the comfort you get from VP or No Prives. I do not think that the rolandos have the same torture factor that the decolletes do if that means anything to you.
  3. It is not as comfortable as the other shoes Kamilla has mentioned but I think it is wearable for a couple hours. It is a lot better than the decolletes and the decollete zeppas. Rolando is such a beautiful style! As long as your not planning to run a marathon I think you will be fine.
  4. Interesting. The Rolando is on my list if I come across them in my size in a color that I like. I already know that the Rolande (the slingback version) hurts just while sitting for a long period of time, (yes, sitting! Must be the way I put pressure on my feet?) I am dreading what the Rolando will feel like. I tried on the Mad (like the Mad Mary except with an ankle strap, not Mary Jane strap) and that felt okay, so hopefully the Rolando will not be as painful as I fear.
  5. :roflmfao:

    Too funny! That, it is!!! But I still :heart: them.

    Sorry, Stinam, I have no input on this one, as the Rolando-family holds almost zero interest for me this season. But I've seen them on a couple of ladies, and they do look great. Good luck!

  6. Where did you try on the MAD shoe? I was at the CL shop in the Meatpacking District yesterday trying on shoes for a birthday present and the salesperson mentioned the mad, but said they weren't in yet.

    I think my husband is getting me the black patent rolando. The heel just seems soooo high. But they look really great on. Anyone have a pair of the patent? How do they feel compared to the leather or suede versions?
  7. I have only tried on the Rolandos so I have no advice about long term wear (hours) but in the store I have to agree they felt pretty good. Esp. compared to the decolletes which instantly were painful! LOL!
  8. I stopped by the Meatpacking Store yesterday as well. I was there very late in the day, and I thought I saw shoes similar to the mad mary in the window. I could be wrong because while I was browsing inside, I only saw that the shoes had the studs on the heel. Maybe it was a different style?
  9. I found the MAD at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. Looks like the Mad Mary except it has an ankle strap not a Mary Jane strap.