CL red soles-footpetals didn't work :(

  1. I posted about a month ago all excited about how I bought the clear solestopperz from and applied them to my CL simple pumps. Well, I've worn them for a few weeks now. I just looked at the soles and to my dismay the solestopperz had slid away from their original positions on the sole and the glue that was left was attracting dirt and gunk and the paint had worn off. I am very disappointed because I thought I had found something that would work to preserve the red soles.

    I just called the high-end cobbler outside of Detroit to see what they could do and they said there is no way to preserve the original red sole because it's just a thin layer of paint on the leather and the sole wasn't dyed all the way through.

    I think I'm going to try yummychouchou's red soles because I want to preserve the shoes themselves for as long as possible. I just wanted to share the news in case anyone had considered buying them because of my original post.
  2. Some others posted about footpetals not staying put. Maybe see if a local cobbler has a clear rubber sole. I know its not red, but you will still save the shoe and still see the red.
  3. I remember when you posted about this! It's a bummer it didn't work. Someone else posted about their sole stooperz coming unstuck and collecting dirt too (blckladylaw i think it was). Were you able to clean the soles up?
  4. Yeah I got all of the glue off but the paint wore off in the cracks where the footpetals had slid away from each other. I bought a pair of red soles from yummychouchou and I'm going to take them to the cobbler next time I'm in the area.
  5. so what did you use to have the glue removed? googoo gone? thanks
  6. I'd be really interested to know how to get the glue off, too!
  7. I bought 4 packets of these for this job! :rolleyes:
  8. I just got my first pair of CL's which I have not worn yet as they are tweed. I am glad I did not get the shoestoperz. Thanks for the update, but I am sorry they did not work for you.
  9. No I didn't have any googone. I just used my fingers and rubbed it off with a little water. They formed little balls and I just pulled them right off. Bf suggested buying googone if that didn't work but it did. Why, have you had trouble getting it off?
  10. Aw, that sucks. Hope things work out the second time around with the rubber soles.

    I'm starting to rethink this whole "keep the red sole" idea. Perhaps, I'll just get them zipsoled..
  11. Can someone fill a newbie in?