CL python outfit advice needed

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  1. I will be going to my cousin's cotillion this Saturday at the SF Four Seasons. There is rain in the forecast. I really want to wear my ivory python activas with my ivory DVF wrap dress and Chanel clutch. Is it risky to wear them from the car to the front door? I have a back up outfit and shoe in mind, yet there is something about this outfit, the feminine elegance that I :heart: My back up shoes for the activas would be the red rolandos, but it does not quite measure up for me.:shrugs: TIA!

    Will these babies be okay in the rain?


    Back up outfit: nude patent vps and navy black halo
  2. I think you should be ok, python is actually very durable and does not damage easily which I found suprising because it looks so delicate and fragile. I once got caught in a torrential downfall in a pair of all python light pink Prada shoes, my shoes were completely soaked because I was literally walking through puddles of water. After drying them out for a few days, they looked as good as new.
    On rainy/gloomy days, I always try to dress in lighter/brighter colors in order to lift the usual somber mood caused by the weather. My vote is with the ivory dress and activas.
    Please post pics in the outfit thread!
  3. I vote ivory python activas w/ ivory DVF wrap dress!

    Very pretty!
  4. Im torn...I love them both!
    Halo dress just drives me crazy. Love it! If you really have your heart set to wear the Activas, wear them! They look amazing on you, so who cares about the weather, its not like your going to dance in the rain. Walk fast from the car to the door lol
  5. Both outfits are adorable!

    I really love the Activas though!
  6. Yeah, wear the Activa's. They look great on you. :smile:))))))))))
  7. My vote goes for the first dress and Activas too. Get dropped off right in front of the door and walk fast!
  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2nd outfit, but that's just me. Black is the only color I wear. Occasionally gray, dark blue, and dark purple. Also, the 2nd dress really hugs your body and really brings out your curves!
  9. Simply beautiful!!! I love the second too..but I wear black all of the time...have a great evening!
  10. DVF dress and the Activas (so jealous you have these!) - you're going to look gorgeous! :graucho: You must post pictures!
  11. I say go for it; plus the DVF looks great on you~~ pythons like the water don't they???
  12. I love both outfits, but the second one is my favorite. Then again, 99% of my waldrobe is black, navy, or brown, so I'm bias when it comes to dark colors. I think your pythons would hold up in a little bit of rain, so you have nothing to worry about. But even if you had to go with your backup outfit, you will still look gorgeous!!!
  13. Both outfits are beautiful!!! You can't go wrong with either. You do look sexy in the navy though. :graucho:
  14. Lav both are gorgeous! I would not worry, snakes get wet!! If you are going from car to door I would not sweat it!
  15. ITA! I don't think you can go wrong with either outfit though. I just love the nude VP look though!