CL prive question

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  1. Does anyone know what is the difference between the 'Very Prive' and the 'Numero Prive'? I know the latter came first but is there style difference between them (ie: did they change the heel or something)? :confused1:

  2. There is no difference style-wise. It's just inconsistent labeling of boxes, depending on if it was the shipment ordered by the boutique, by Neimans, by Saks, or by Bergdorfs, etc. I've seen the same peep-toe pump labeled both ways on CL shoe boxes (depending on where the shoes were purchased from), but style-wise (& retail price-wise), it's the exact same shoe. But for the slingback version of that peep-toe platform, I've only seen it labeled with the "Numero", never with the "Very." For the full-pump version both names are used interchangeably.
  3. Okay thank you for explaination. I thought they changed the heels or something because people couldn't walk in them.