CL Privatta

  1. Anyone seen this shoe in person? I'm confused about the strap - does it cross in the back and then go around the ankle?

  2. It's an ANKLE-WRAP style....kind of overlaps in the front but it's not an obvious cross.....I hope that makes sense.
  3. yowza...those are hawt.
  4. Yep, agree with foxy. I have seen them in black patent.
  5. those are hot!!! ss08?
  6. Yup...saw them a week ago.
    They are cute :tup:
  7. cute... :heart::love:
  8. I saw them at NM in San Francisco a few days ago. They were on display during M. Louboutin's personal appearance in October--I didn't think they'd be available until next year.
  9. I saw that shoe at the CL boutique in MPD yesterday, interesting design.
  10. it's like numero prive but with a criss cross ankle strap. they are hot but sadly not my kinda shoes, i prefer sling backs b/c they're not so troublesome? ;)
  11. I agree. I have to stay away from ankle straps since I am petite and do not have delicate ankles by any means. I would love a No. Prive in black kid or patent leather though.