CL Privatita-New Colors

  1. privatita.JPG
  2. They are also available at Barneys in python! :drool:
  3. ^Kamilla's are :drool:worthy for sure!!
    Thanks for posting - I love this shoe!
  4. Gorgeous!!!!!!
  5. I love the python especially in the pink that NM has in store.
  6. I like them but IDK if I would wear them much. I like the classic styles. :p
  7. I just noticed those on NM and was like oooooh, beautiful! I was going to start a thread and then noticed yours. I would probably order them if I hadn't just bought like 3 other pairs!
  8. I agree. I like them, but I would not wear them too often.:yes:

  9. Same thing here I still prefer the N° P's or VP's but the python ones are definately beautiful , now the anklestrap makes my legs look shorter...:rolleyes: so I stick with the classics