Cl platform knee boots...anyone have these or seen them anywhere?

  1. I just found these on the Barneys website, and they look like the perfect high heel black boot I've been looking for. Not only do they not have my size but I'd really like to try them on. They appear as though they might fit my skinny calves pretty well.

    Anyone have them or know if Saks carries them? I haven't found them online anywhere else.
  2. i saw these on net-a-porter the other day...i dont know if these are the one's you are talking about.......

    do you have a pic of the one you like?

    OMG i was on the NAP website and they dont have the boots listed anymore!! unbelievable! but they were black right below the knee covered platform boots!
  3. wow, those are so hot. please tell us where to get em lol!
  4. oops im sorry to say i saw them on was actually @ Barney' me! sorry for any misleading info...i actually saw those on the Barney's website but havent seen them anywhere else! sorry!! =(
  5. I think I tried these on at Nordstrom in Chicago, but I can't remember for sure. You could try any Nordstrom though that carries Louboutins.
  6. I have these in suede. I purchased them from BG. They also have them at
  7. how do they fit? Are they smaller around the calf and do they run small? Footcandy has them in a 6 and usually I'm a 5.5.
  8. Hi I have them in brown and I have pretty thick calves so they may be big for you. =\
  9. dammit. that is always my problem with boots. And the only pair I have that fit great are sort of old and I bought them on ebay. don't even know who makes them.
  10. the thickest part of my calves measure up to 12 inches. These boots are snug on me but not tight. I sized up 1 full size. I hope this helps.
  11. Yeah I thought I saw those on Footcandy, NAP and Saks (although I don't see them on Saks and NAP anymore)

    I just ordered a pair of Bourge and IMO these are one of the best boots that CL made.

  12. ^

    Those are cute, but I really like the platform better.

    The thickest part of my calf is 12.5 inches, so maybe they'll fit okay. I normally wear a 5.5. I bought my CL booties in a 6 but I don't know if I could size up a whole full size since I have narrow feet.

    ahhhh, crap. I just looked at the link again and they don't even have 6 available anymore. :sad:
  13. oh, I just realized foot candy has a 6. I'm driving myself nuts here. Does anyone know how they are with returns? I'm really hesitant to order something that expensive without trying it on.
  14. footcandyshoes customer service is great. I purchase 4 CLs from there, returned 1 and exchanged 2. I have only been satisfied.