CL Platform Cork Pumps - $461.90

  1. do any1 know how these fit? if i usually wear 6.5...will i be able to wear these?thx
  2. I always have to go up and half to a whole size for CL. I've never had a shoe of his fit totally TTS for me. My feet are not wide but they are not narrow either. I don't know if that helps at all.

    I have the fishnet peep toes (most recent CL purchase) and I sized up a whole size in those and they are perfect for me.
  3. If you're a US size 6.5 medium, then the 37.5 in these patent Decollete Zeppa's may very well be your best-fit size -- these run 1/2 a size to a full size small (a full size for most people). You're in luck!
  4. So strange....earlier it was listed for $308...and then it went up in price.
  5. Yeah I noticed that price increase too....very strange indeed!
  6. They're gone now. Hope one of you got them.
  7. go up 1 size for these!!... thats weird... why is it $461??
  8. yea...looks like Saks INCREASED some prices for final cut.
  9. You do have to be careful with sizing, you can't take it at face value. There is a difference between a French 38 and an Italian 38. Most online boutiques will have a conversion chart. I felt like "Sasquatch" when I purchased my first pair of CL's and had to buy a 39!!! hehe Once I ordered a pair of Prada shoes in a 37.5 and felt like friggin' Cinderella's step sister!!!