"CL Pigalles" yay or nay?

  1. Just found a pair of pumps that looks so much like CL Pigalles - tell me what you think -
    pigalle imitation.jpg pigalle imitation2.jpg pigalle imitation3.jpg
  2. where did you find these
  3. Hmmm... don't like the whole "inspired" look.
  4. Theyre definitely the closest thing to the pigalles that Ive seen so far. Where did you get them?
  5. Oh Deer makes knockoffs of CL shoes. Complete with red soles. The quality isn't the same though.
  6. Yes, Andrea, WHERE and HOW MUCH?

    Are the soles leather or sythetic?
  7. The red sole comes up too high on the sides.... It looks a little weird, IMO.
  8. I think they look really weird.
  9. Nay...nothing can beat the real deal
  10. I not a huge fan of there. I don't think they really look like the real thing.

    The oh Deer!s someone mentioned looks good, though.
  11. I agree completely!
  12. umm they look kinda like fetish shoes personally to me..
    I think I like the original CL Pigalles better:yes:
  13. I don't like these, they look weird on the person foot trying to be a copy of CL. The originales Pigalles are much better!
  14. Couldn't agree more. Just TOO much!:yucky:
  15. Sorry, I have to agree.