CL Pigalle!

  1. Hi! I'm thinking of buying a pair of black Louboutin Pigalles, but I don't know what size to order, i'm a 38 in Jimmy Choo's. Help! :flowers:
  2. i'm on the waitlist for this pair at one of the Manhattan boutiques. the SA said to get half a size down than your regular size, because the heel is 5", and this makes the shoe so steep that your foot will slide forward into the front of the shoe

    i don't think i explained that right
  3. No, no I understand! :smile: Thanks!:flowers:
  4. I'm usually a size 5 and that was what I got for my Pigalle. I think a 34.5 would have fit me but it might be a tad but tight. I think it will stretch though.
  5. Btw, does anybody know what they retail for? :flowers:
  6. Ahhh! I've wanting one as well but couldn't seem to get a hold of it.

    This shoes is :heart:
  7. The Canadian price for this is $695 I think. I think it is about $525 in the states?