CL Pigalle sizing -- 4" vs. 5"

  1. Is there a difference in the sizing of the 4" Pigalle vs. 5" pigalle?

    I've heard reports from some people that the 4" one's insole is shorter than the 5" one.

    I'm not sure what to get! I'm a true US 8.0 with normal width or true US 8.5 with narrow width. I'm interested in the white 4" pigalle. :smile:
  2. There's a huge difference sizing-wise. The 4" Pigalle is true to size whereas the 5" tends to run big (b/c of the super high heel & foot sliding forward).
  3. Thanks foxycleopatra!

    How big do the 5" run? I've wanted a pair of those, but have a feeling that my feet would be like "WTF?" The 4" seem versatile enough to wear anywhere. :smile:
  4. the 5'' are super duper high....i dont know how people rock them!
  5. I admit with defeat that 5" Pigalles are not for me. :crybaby: I am waiting to come across 4" Pigalles.
  6. ditto LavenderIce! I was just at the NM store in Union Square this evening and saw some shoes I was drooling over, but the 5" seem to be something that I just want to look at, not wear. I love how many CLs that NM has though! No 4" Pigalles unfortunately. :sad:
  7. OMG. This is OT, but I had a dream last night (I'm about to go home to visit my bf after over 3 months apart) that I was walking around my hometown looking for my bf, but I could barely walk because I had on my 5-inch pigalles!!!
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Aside from the sizing difference, there is a WORLD of difference in comfort. I can run around in 4 inch pigalles forever. But I wouldn't dream of walking more than a block or MAYBE two at a time in any of the 5inch heels. Definitely special occasion shoes.
  10. I have tried on the 5" pigalles and I could barely walk in them.
  11. :yes: had to go one size smaller with the 5"
  12. i got the four inch ones in my true size. i went down a half a size for the five inch heels.