CL Pigalle--- dream shoe not so dreamy fit...

  1. Hey girls! So I've been fantasizing on the perfect black pump and when I saw the Pigalle-- did my research after hearing so many PFers raving about them, I decided I'll splurge on a pair (after all, a BASIC black pump IS a wardrobe must). Anyway, they arrived today and they looked very pretty then I slipped my foot in and... Oh, what horror!!! I mean, I don't have the most narrow feet on the block but they are not THAT wide either but the sides of my foot was SPILLING OUT of this gorgeous shoe!!!!! Anybody has had this experience (those with "slightly" wider feet)???

    I am devastated!!!! maybe I should just stick to my Manolos and Choos-- of course the sexiness factor is a notch down but they "fit".... :sad:
  2. Oh no, I'm sorry. I've never tried on the Pigalle, but have heard that they are difficult to walk in, which is why I've stayed away. The basic black pump I have and love are the CL Bruges in all black leather. They are super comfortable and work with my wardrobe perfectly. Maybe try some different styles? Good luck!
  3. Thank you jlinds! I will look for some other options-- these just seem like the PERFECT shoes! I wanted something pointy, high and sexy and these fit the bill-- just not my feet!!! The bruges are platform and round-toed??? Thanks again!
  4. I tried on the Pigalle & my foot was spilling out too. I do not have a wide foot at all. They look really sexy, but not a shoe that you would be able to walk around in at all. I know in really sexy high heels you cant run a marathon, but at least walk from the car to inside the bar/
    I suggest the CL Decollete. They are not beyond comfy, but i think they look sexy on.
    Here are mine.
  5. Oh stinas-- they look gorgeous on your foot! I should channel my energy into researching these.. I am not about to give up on CL!

    And yes, I don't have VERY WIDE feet either and these shoes made me feel like a troll!!!
  6. love love love I LOVe the decolettes. they are soo darn sexy on. I went dancing in them and actually had no problem with the pain!

    they were pretty comfy to me!
  7. I have a pair of pigalles and I want more! I dont have wide feet but mine arent very narrow either. I did get the front stretched a bit at a shoe repair store and that really helped alot with the bit of the spillage that was going on for me.

    I absolutely adore though the decollete style, I have two pairs of those (black eel and camel) and wish that they made it with a higher heel. :heart:

    I cant wait to try some pigalle style slingbacks like the 'Lova Sling' so sexy .... :yes:
  8. Honestly....the first couple of times I wore them my ankle hurt, but after a couple times I was good to go. I put a foot petal at the ball of my feet for extra support & they are great. I really suggest them for a classic sexy pump. I would also suggest CL Veee that i think you can only get on eBay or when calling Paris(which i never knew you could do....Thank TPF!) :wlae:
  9. I have the Pigalle in 70mm, maybe they'll fit you better. They are also a lot more comfortable to walk in than the 4 inch ones.
  10. You can also try the simple pump. They aren't as pointy as you mentioned you're looking for, but they're a classic pump that can go with everything.
  11. Thanks girls! I've considered the simple and decollete but thought I'd go with the Pigalle since I really wanted something pointy...

    I'm wondering though, does CL make a black pump just like the ones that Manolo or Choo make? Like regular pointy toe and not so much toe cleavage which I think may be the culprit for my foot spillage (haha!)...
  12. Hi there Madls!! yep they do a pointed toe in a classic style which is great for day and into evening.

    Piccie on this link for you
  13. Yes....check these out
  14. It's not so much that you have a wide foot, I find that a lot of their basic pumps are cut too low on the inside of the foot. The edge rubs against my foot and feels like it would cause blisters.
  15. The pigalle didn't work for me either. The 7.5 pinched my toes and the 8 felt like it was constantly slipping off. I have two pairs of the decolletes and love them!!!

    Brian Atwood (, also makes fantastic black patent leather pumps