CL Pigalle 120mm

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  1. I really starting to like these a lot. I'm thinking about purchasing a pair in black patent. Do I have to size down since it's a 5 inch heel? Also what's the price on these and are they easily obtainable at a CL store?
  2. Some people say go 1/2 size down and some people say they run true to your CL size. I got a 39.5 and I'm a US 9 and I wear anywhere between a 39.5 to a 40.5 in CL. The 39 may have fit, but I didn't have the luxury of trying them on before purchasing them. The 39.5 fit me very nicely so I would say that is my pigalle size. Whether I'm a true CL 39.5/40 though, your guess is as good as mine. lol

    I have the silver specchio pigalles and retail was $530 without tax I believe, BUT I paid WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY over retail for them because I was obsessed with them and they are completely sold out. lol We are talking NGG, Beluxe prices.

    Hope that helps!
  3. ^ ouch ashakes! every time I look at the NGG or beluxe prices I cringe. I havent done it yet but when of these days I might get desperate and take the plunge!

    purse_fanatic my 120mm Pigallle CLs are TTS for me (us 7 which is also the size for most other brands) In addition they also stretch with wear so at first they may seem a bit tight but after a while they are a perfect fit. I personally would hesitatate to size up on that heel hight. My usually CL size is typically 7.5-8 just for reference. I hear though that if you have a narrow foot you may want to size 1/2 a size down.

    Recently I have always found the black patent ones available at the CL boutiques, when this wasnt the case a while ago. Give any of them a call and get those hot shoes! IMO they are cheap compared to other CLs and well worth it. :drool:
  4. purse - I agree with the above posts. I think that the pigalles run TTS. I have seen the black patent available at BG and both CL NYC stores. Good luck! They are hell to walk in but they sure do look hot.
  5. I've also seen them at NM in San Francisco. I have sadly had to return mine because they were the wrong size. I think even if they were the right size, they still would be too difficult for me to walk in.
  6. This is an old thread, but I'd like to know if are there any others that would like to share their experiences?
  7. I'm usually US 8, 38.5 in CL, but I needed a 38 in the Anemone (basically a Pigalle 120 with a bow). Also, this style is not good for wide feet.
  8. I'm a US8 too.

    How do I measure my foot for width at home to determine if a Pigalle will be a good fit for me or not?

    What would be the rule of thumb to go by? All I have is measuring cloth tape.

    If my car wasn't snowed in right now, I would run to the nearest shoe depot near me. I'm looking to order some things online.
  9. there's actually a thread in our CL forum specifically for how different styles run. Please join that thread since this one is old now and in the wrong forum.
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