CL Penny leather loafers...

  1. hi all,

    what do you think about the CL Penny leather loafers ??
    Do you love it - or hate it?? I´m not sure if its too silver ...

    THANKS !!!

    Bambi :smile:
  2. hmm i think they're hot and the metallics are really IT now but i'm not sure if they'll be in a few seasons to come... i passed up on the silver pigalles because i thought the color was too bold on me and i might not find the occasions to fully justify the use of them.
  3. I think that it's striking, but it might be difficult to pull off during the daytime and for nighttime, the penny loafer part of the shoe might limit the types of outfits that you could wear.
  4. I love them, but I agree - the silver is bright and depending on your wardrobe it might not be versatile enough to spend the money on them. Definitely gorgeous though!!
  5. Very pretty and probabbly quite comfortable, enough that that you could wear them for casual wear.
  6. Very cute, but dont know about the silver. You probably wont get much use out of them. I have a copper Gucci penny loafer & dont get much use because of the color.