CL peep toe about non-patent leather??

  1. So I'm looking to purchase a pair of CL peep toe pumps. Either the regular non-platform ones or the yoyo zeppas/very prives...however, i can't seem to find any ones in just plain black leather. why are all of them being sold only in patent leather now? granted pat. leather looks hot, but where can i find plain leather CL peep toes?????

    i hate resorting to eBay, land of the fakes..
  2. I have yoyos in black leather that I got off eBay from a reputable seller, and they were 100% authentic. I think you just have to be smart on who you buy from. I buy tons from the boutiques and store, but I resort to Ebay sometimes b/c they just aren't available or they are a bit cheaper. At the rate I buy, every little bit helps. LOL

    Here is a link to the person I bought from:

    I purchased the 4 1/2" heels and it appears she has sold out, but you never know.

    There are the exact ones I have:

    And here is the seller's completed so perhaps she still has your size if you don't see it under her current auctions:

    She was very nice and I believe her name was Ann.

    Hope that helps!

  3. ooooo that was so helpful! thank you thank you thank you. she didn't have my size, but this is beyond helpful because now i will keep an eye out on her stuff and snatch up a pair when my size shows up. i also sent her a message to let me know when she gets one in my size.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    PS i'm so jealous! you got an AWESOME deal!
  4. Saks Fifth Avenue in Las Vegas and San Francisco have the Very Prive in non-patent leather in black and brown. I know you stated an interest in the open toe styles, but I thought I would mentioned that they also have the Simple Pump in non-patent as well. Try going to your local Saks and checking what they've got. Hope you find a shoe and post pics when you do.
  5. eeee......calling LV, SF right now!!! eeeee.....crossing my fingers they have my size! THANK YOU!!!
  6. You're welcome. I shared the link a while back and I think a lot of TPFers bought from her and her partner that also sells on Ebay. I believe the partner's username is "onlinegenesis".

    If you do plan on purchasing from the seller that I linked you too, she was very nice and shipped out my shoes the next AM. I received them in a few business days. I still haven't worn them OUT, but they are def. HOT! :yes:
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue in Bal Harbour, Fl also has the very prives in black and brown non-patent.
  8. i think the ones online on ebay are the yoyos, right? the unhidden platform....LOVED them but think i would love the very prives more....but could not find them online anywhere!

    then dun dun dun....guess what! you guys reminded me to just call saks and find out what my local store has in stock, and they actually had the non-patent very prives in MY SIZE, in black!!!!!!!! of COURSE i just went there with the SO and picked myself up a pair!!!!!!!!!!! ugh.......they are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you guys for all your help....i'm in shoe heaven :smile:
  9. You're welcome and congratulations! Enjoy your shoes and please post pics!
  10. Pics please!!
  11. Woo hoo! Congrats, rainyjewels!

    You sure lucked out! :tup:

    It can get pretty tough trying to find a pair of his shoes in your size when you're on the hunt! :yes: