CL peep toe prives or slingbacks are better from ur experience?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I've been eyeing on the CL peep toe like the one below....
    But my question is on the slingback or covered heels? which one's better or easier to match and which one's more comfortable??? Thx

    [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
  2. i preferred covered heels. That goes with almost everything. Both formal and informal.
  3. I like the covered heel better
  4. I love them both. With BLACK PATENT material the line on the uncovered platform "Yoyo Zeppa" is barely barely visible. I have found the Yoyo Zeppa's to be slightly more comfortable than the closed-toed Very Prive's as the former are cut a bit wider in the toe box (that's the main difference betw. Yoyo Zeppa & Very Prive aside from the covered vs. uncovered platform detail). With the Very Prive's I generally take 1/2 size up from my Yoyo Zeppa's and then insert a pad up-front; for the same size the Very Prive's are very narrow upfront.
  5. Pwecious - I prefer the closed heel in the very prive, I don't care for the visible platform in the yo yo zeppa. I own a few pairs of the no prive slingbacks and I don't find them very comfortable, that strap always digs into the back of my ankles.
  6. Oops I just read my earlier post and it should read "closed-HEEL" Very Prive's, not closed-toe (obviously). Well any choice you make between the two is bound to be a good one....can't go wrong with Louboutin peep-toe's as that's one of his specialties.
  7. I can wear either and I like them equally I think.

    I actually don't have any problem with the slingback and the way it fits my ankle so I don't experience the discomfort that I know others do. I think it depends on your foot and other factors. My ankles are pretty small so maybe that effects the fit? I don't really know.
  8. I find them both to be equally comfortable.

    In regards to slingbacks, I like to pair them with light (airy) dresses. But, you can pretty much wear covered heeled pumps and slingbacks with any outfit.

    Those are two great choices! Good Luck!
  9. I agree ... slingbacks are a little more informal, but I like both!!