CL peep toe maryjanes (iowas) sizing?

  1. [​IMG]I really love these but have only seen online...i want to order then nude color but not sure how they're sizing is in peep toe...does anyone own these that could offer sizing advice?

    do you guys think these will sell out of the stores by may? I'm preggers now so my feet are swollen and i hate to buy shoes now when i am unsure of what my shoe size will be post partum...they COULD change and maybe they won't...but i dont want to risk these shoes selling out...
  2. i actually just bought the iowas, but the 5 inch platform style. if the ones you are looking at fit the same, id say get a full size bigger. I am usually a 8.5 in most shoes, and a 9 in louboutin, but i had to get a 10 for these. hope that helps.
  3. I just ordered these in the platform also - the store only had 39.5. I normally take a size 38.5 but the sales associate recommended I get the 39. That's actually a full size and 1/2 larger for me as I wear a US size 7 1/2.
  4. I have those shoes in the close-toed, and I went up a full size. they run small. I'm going to guess that by May you'll be out of luck, though that's just my opinion