cl peanut wedges barneys???

  1. okay so i called Barneys nyc (madison ave) and they are sold out of the peanut wedges in my size (40.5) and i called the seattle location and they say that the peanut wedges are not on sale. This is so weird.
  2. so no other locations other then nyc or beverly hills has them on sale which is weird but no one has my size.

    SO please i beg all of u if u see them on sale (40% off) in any color in a size 40.5 or 41 please please please let me know.
  3. Angelie, That is very strange. Maybe you spoke to a clueless SA, because as far as I know, once a shoe is marked down at one Barneys location, they are marked down everywhere.
    I will keep my eye out, I plan to head over to Saks tonight.
  4. i know thats what i said. THe san fran sa said that every store gets marked down at different times i was like okay weirdo haha.
    please keep ur eyes peeled i'm dying to get those on sale. thanks so much hun:smile:
  5. ^^Couldn't you call the NY or BH stores and ask them to order it for you? That way they can charge you the sale price.
  6. they don't seem to care i think they are really busy they just want to shut the phone:sad:
  7. Call Barney's Customer Service and have them track the shoes down for you.
  8. thanks i will try that;)
  9. Can I ask which ones?
  10. are u asking which penut wedges???? the tortoise ones:smile: actually i would take any if they were on sale lol
  11. I am so loving the tortoise ones. My eyes glaze over when I look at them, something about that tortoise. I will never have the luck of finding my size on sale. They have an 8 at Barneys, which is my simple size but worried with these being patentI would need an 8 1/2. The also have a smaller wedge with a sling back but don't like as much.
    If you see any on sale, pass the word.
  12. i will! good luck hopefully u can find them. I think u woul;d be a 8.5 cuz of the patent.