CL Peanut Wedge Sizing?

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  1. I was wondering how the peanut wedges run?

    I was looking at a pair in tortoise shell, emailed NAP and they wouldnt give me innersole measurements but said they run true to size, is this what you girls have found?

    Sorry to start another thread on Louboutin sizing, I did a search but couldnt find anything in the sizing thread or else where.
  2. They run a little bit, just a tiny bit small IMO. Very much like Bruges, Simple, etc.....round-toe CL sizing.
  3. Thanks Foxy, would you suggest going up half a size then as I assume the tortoise patent wont stretch much?

    I'm usually a 37 in other brands and I can only find a 37 and a 38 available at the moment, sounds like I might need a 37.5 though :push:
  4. Try Bob Ellis Shoes or Jeffrey Atlanta -- they might have your size still available (in that tortoise patent "Peanut" wedge).....I think.
  5. Thanks again for your help Foxy :flowers: