CL Packaging - what's the deal?

  1. Hello Ladies- I am a CL newbie, so i'm looking to all you experts for your input... What's the deal with CL packaging? Is there one "right" way that the shoes should be packed? I have three pairs of CL's, and they have all come to me with different packaging:

    (1) Nude Patent VP's purchased from the West Hollywood CL Boutique: came to me in CL box, with 1 dustbag for the shoes, plus 1 small dustbag with extra tips

    (2) Black Patent Shelley purchased from Roan Shop: came to me in CL box, with 2 dustbags for the shoes (I guess one for each shoe?), but no extra tips (or dustbag for tips)

    (3) Black Kid VP's purchased from Neiman Marcus online: the packaging was ATROCIOUS. No CL box - came in a plain, white box. No dustbags of any sort, and no extra tips. Plus, there were knicks on the soles of both shoes!!! (argh!!! this is a whole 'nother story...)

    Anyway, my point is, is there a standard, "correct" way that shoes should be packaged? What did your CL's come with? TIA!!
  2. WOW, I'm horrified by your 3rd packaging...I hope you spoke with a manager about that. Normally, a brand new CL pair will come in the brown/tan box, 1 little CL pouch with extra tips, 1 or 2 dustbags depending on the material of the pair; to protect rubbing the fragile material against each other (I received 2 dustbags for my glitter pair), tissue paper inside the shoes and plastic sticks that holds the tissue in place inside the shoes
  3. Ugh, the third example is horrible. I can't remember if it was Saks or NM, but back in 2008 I ordered CLs from the website and they came in a Manolo Blahnik box with a white piece of note paper that said, "Black Decollete" with some numbers written next to it. That is the only time I ever got crap packaging. Most of the time you should get the box, tissue paper, dust bags and heel caps.
  4. Four years ago, I received a pair of black patent/burgundy tip VPs from in the way you described as well. This year, I've also received a Brian Atwood packaged in the same condition. I think the pairs we're getting in such packaging are returns and their correct boxes, dustbags, etc. get lost in the shuffle.
  5. I remember I asked the Robertson boutique about dustbags, and they said not even exotic shoes are supposed to come with one for each shoe, only the strass ones come with 2 dustbags.
  6. Most shoes come with just 1 dustbag and 1 bag of heeltips, and of course, the brown CL box. You're also supposed to get tissue stuffing, with the little sticks. However, if it's been tried on, you might not get the tissue and sticks. SAs and customers who return tend to throw them out often. A few styles come with 2 bags. I don't own any strass, but my Poseidons each came with 2 because the delicate sequins called for each shoe to be wrapped in its own bag.

    The shoe gets tried on, and the SAs or customers don't put the bags back in the right box, so the heel tips or dustbag is missing. It happens a lot, so it's not too out of the ordinary to get just shoes in your box. The boutiques often have spares of each, so if you buy from them and you're missing something, they'll likely have extras to give you.
  7. - Should always come in CL box
    - 1-2 dustbags
    - Older models didn't come with extra heel tips, only in 2010 (?) did they start adding this
    - Most new models now have heel tips
    - White tissue packaging
    - White "sticks" inside the shoes
  8. I've got glitter and strass before and they came with 2 dustbags

    Extra heel tips came around on 2010.

    Basically I check that I got at least the dust bag and the correct box (with the shoe style on it). Else, I'll request for it.
  9. My CL order (Online):
    -Cardboard box (for shipping)
    -Shoe box
    -Tissue (red & white)
    -1 dust bag
    -Small dust bag w/ extra heel tips
    -2 T-Insert for Tissue in shoe
    -Envelope with receipt and letter
    -Return order slip

    My purchase from Barney's NewYork (in store):
    -Shoe box
    -White tissue
    -Dust bag

    I was missing the small dust bag and heel tips but because my shoe was 50% off I didn't mind because I got a great deal already.

    Always check your items before letting them wrap and bag. If you are missing something make sure to ask for replacement. Most likely they will give you a replacement when you buy at the store.