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  1. Whatever happened to the CL outfit thread where we posted our outfits with our CLs? I cant find a search function. We should re-surrect it, or start a new one, I loved seeing how everyone else wore their Louboutins in the "real world" :smile:. What do you guys think?
  2. I tried finding it too and its gone.
    So yay! Lets start a new one! I always like to see how people pair up their CLs with every day outfits instead of our "model pics" lol is me with my Very Prive in green patent with gold tip
    some Bebe top & Peoples Liberation jeans
    Here is my Nude/Beige Helmoons with my leopard Nicole Miller Dress
    Here are last years birthday Activa's were my present..can you tell? lol
    Not sure exactly wich jeans and top im wearing.
    After a few drinks I do take pics of my shoes lol my friends tend to join me sometimes
  3. ^^ Great pics, Stinas! You look like you had a great time on your birthday!
  4. I never take pictures..hehe but I will try to stop being so lazy and get some pics on here. ;) This is the only recent one I have. I'm wearing black decolettes with a Missoni scarf, vintage Chanel classic flap, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Donna Karan top and Gucci icon ring.
  5. My fav Chanel bag!
    You look great!

    I did!
  6. Yay! Thanks for re-starting the thread, Stina!

    Here's a picture of The Boy and I after watching The Nutcracker (our first ballet together!) He's wearing a tux and I'm wearing a minidress from AA (ordered online and they ship int'l for only $20!), red coat from Zara, Chanel Timeless clutch in black and my suede VP's.

    The next one was done for a casting. I'm wearing a black top from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Nobody Jeans. The shoes are my kid-skin Horatios.

    I need to root around for more because I don't usually take full-length pics. :p
    P1030797 [1024x768] [800x600].JPG P1040097 [640x480].JPG
  7. You look great Stinas, the helmoons are so pretty!
    I'm so excited this thread is running again :yahoo:
  8. So do I! I always take from the waist up...this weekend ill take more lol for fun.
    You look amazing in the pics! I wish i had the legs to wear mini dresses.

    Me too!
  9. You look great!!! OMG, I love the Activa's on you. Actually I love all of them!! he, he
    LOL now I can recognize you at the mall in Jersey, if I happen to see a beautiful blond wearing some gorgeous Louboutins. ;)
  10. OK this was me tonight. I'm dressed very casually, old Wrangler jeans, Banana Republic top and my black patent Decollete 868 :smile:. I tend to wear "whatever" outfits with my CLs sometimes LOL
    Jan13_08_1.JPG Jan13_08.JPG Jan13_08_2.JPG

  11. You look beautiful. The Decolletes are an eye catcher, for sure. :smile:)
  12. Stina - I love how you paired your Helmoons w/ that dress! You look fabulous!
  13. Those Wranglers look great on you! What is the name of that style?
  14. Aww, thanks :shame:. They are called "Lo Straight" - as in low rise straight leg. They are nice and stretchy which helps squeeze my booty in there (LOL), but they don't loose their shape either and stay nice and fitted.
  15. We have such beautiful and stylish ladies on tpf! I'll try to take some pics with CLs if I remember. I usually just wear them to work so it probably won't be anything too exciting.
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