CL Nude Very Prives still available anywhere?

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  1. I'm searching for a pair of CL Nude Very Prives has anyone seen them available anywhere or are they all sold out?
  2. I don't think you'll find them in stores anymore. What's your size?

    I talked to an SA at Saks in Chicago last night looking for a different pair of CLs. She said that they get their resort/cruise inventory in about a month ... does CL even do resort/cruise stuff? If he does, I bet you might find them in that collection.

    I'm crossing my fingers hoping I can get my own pair next s/s season.
  3. At this point, the only chance (besides eBay) is returns -- so if I were you I'd stalk religiously, as there's a tiny chance people might be returning theirs (although it seems like only the red ones are getting returned....the nude ones sold out very fast through pre-orders). What size are you looking for?
  4. Thanks girls I thought that might be the case. I'm looking a 37.5 or maybe 37. I dont like my chances though.

    Does he recut them every year?

    I was looking on ebay and they have the non-platform version but I was under the impression that the platform makes them more comfortable?
  5. I'm not sure if the nude patent VP's are coming back for 2008 (they might skip a year and do nude satin....actually a good chance of that), but if they do I'll bet money the retail will be in the upper $800's, as the prices for those increase by almost $100 per year. When they were first released in summer '06, retail was $670 or $680, this year it's $770, next year it's going to be another $100 or so price hike.
  6. ouch! and I thought $770 was bad enough.
  7. ^^ What you need to do is sign up for a account using a different email address, and w/in a day or two , they email you a coupon code for 10% off ...

    I'm crossing my fingers CL won't skip a season with the nude patent. I hate satin. It reminds me of HS prom shoes.
  8. Bag - definitely keep checking because there will be returns soon.
    I have a pair that I am returning and I know a girlfriend is returning a pair too.
  9. Thanks for the tip legaldiva, a 10% off would be great I'll definitely do that.

    Kamilla how come you are returning? did you not like them on?
  10. I'm also looking for the nude very prives - but in a size 38.5 (could maybe do a 39). I called the Madison Ave Louboutin boutique on Monday to inquire about special ordering them, but they SA I spoke to said (contrary to what I've read here) they didn't do special orders.

    I've had the Saks page bookmarked for a week and I keep refreshing it - I even contemplated writing a computer program to notify me if the page changed :lol:
  11. im looking for these shoes also in black & cannot find them =(
  12. Bag - I love the shoe. But when I order CL shoes online I always buy 2 different sizes because of the erratic sizing that CL shoes are notorious for. Even in the same style shoe, ie the Very Prive, I have shoes that are a size 38, 38.5 and 39. I feel that even in the same style shoe, depending on the leather/fabric of the shoe, the sizing can be different.
    So I ordered a pair of 38.5 and 39, and looks like the 38.5 are too snug and therefore are going back to Saks. I will probably be there tomorrow for the EGC event, so if anyone is looking for the 38.5, it will likely pop up on in the next few days.

    Shoecrazy - that is so weird that they told you that. I have had shoes custom ordered through the CL boutique (Horatio St). One order was as recent as August, although I have not received it yet, but I filled out all the paperwork. They have you provide your credit card # so you are obligated to purchase the shoe even if you later change your mind/doesn't fit/etc.
    I recommend calling Horatio St. and asking about this. Perhaps they want you to be present in the store to ensure that you are serious and so they have an imprint of your card? I placed my custom order in person at the Horatio St location. Good luck!
  13. Armanigirl - can you be more specific about what you are looking for? The black very prive is rather common to find, depending on the details (leather, tip, etc)
  14. Shoecrazy - I should add that I have heard from other members on this board that it is becoming more difficult to request special orders. There were a few messages posted about it on a recent thread about the nude patent yoyo. So perhaps that is the case?
    Or maybe it is only offered to celebrities/VIPs at this point. But considering that I am neither (except in my own mind), I am not sure why my custom order went through?
  15. oops I meant I'm looking for the CL Numero Prive's in Black patent....i really haven't seen the different variations in tip but I Definately want another color tip other than black =) and I'm a size 35.5 in CL....I heard the smaller the shoe, the harder to find? I dont know, maybe it's just a myth....